Monday, March 26, 2007


SAT 17th MARCH 2007

It was supposed to be a surprise for my mother. It was a suprise, arranged. A cousin in Sg Besi called that 2 other cousins from our kampong in Tumpat are in town. While here visiting their children, they were also looking for my mother's whereabout.

My mother's whereabout? That sounds as if my mother is a pretty mobile lady! She's 84. And she can't even use a mobile phone. The doctor told us her imbedded pacemaker may be affected by the mobile phone waves...or something like that.

Anyway they came, about 5pm. My mother was in the living area, her back to the house entrance. Her sharp ears heard a familiar voice, a voice she least expect to hear, here in Subang Jaya. In Tumpat, perhaps.

She was overwhelmed by surprise, when her 4 nieces flocked to her. Two of them, she rarely met. Some tears involuntarily trickled. Tears are her second nature, both in times of happiness and sadness.

I am happy for her today, and everyday. I am thankful she is well, relative to her age and her pretty good recovery from her stroke. I am thankful she finds comfort staying with me, as with some other sisters and a brother. I thank my wife for making her mother-in-law very comfortable in our house. Above all, I'm thankful to Allah I still have her. But, we can never do more than what she had done for us, no matter how hard we try. Let there be no regrets though for the lack of trying.

But today is a joyous occassion. Short as it may be. Let it be forever.

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