Tuesday, January 30, 2007


First it was FLORATHON, together with THE WAITERS' RACE. Last Saturday (27th Jan 2007), it was FLORAL PARADE. This time, the venue shifted to Putrajaya. I was there again. So were some familiar photographic hobbyists I saw at the Florathon.

The Floral Parade was a bigger fest, so was the crowd size. And since it was a bigger event, it's a bigger preparation and therefore a bigger budget! And also a much bigger security force, and it became a force to be reckoned with for photographers. Anyway, on my bike, I managed to squeeze past, when cars were out of bound. First, let my new found friend introduced himself.

"Hello everyone, welcome to the Floral Parade. My name is Belon and if you are as tall as I am, you will get to see more of the parade. I do know that this Mr Blogger is vertically challenged but his spirit is high, aka tall"

Thank you Belon for such a great introduction. For a new found friend, I don't think I need anymore enemies.

Forget Mr Belon. Let me introduce you to the crowd.

A show without the crowd is a no-show. People in the crowd too make the show. Like this grandfather with his grandaughter.

He wouldn't want to lose his loved one in the crowd, like this poor little girl squatting all alone

Or she may have been too tired. Saw this float and suddenly her hunger pang took over. But Mom said "later" so she "merajuk" and did a sit-down protest!

Anyway, weather had been kind but a little bit hot. But it was better than a shower

Even Yasser Arafat felt he needed to protect himself from serious sunburn

Two boys however were enjoying themselves, oblivious to the heat. What really caught their attention?

Surely not all these syts ........ much too young boys. Your dad will will not approve, so won't your mom, i.e. if your dad was asking for permission :-)

The boys were actually dreaming to be with the participants one day. Playing in the brass band of their school

or join DBKL and look tough and mean to ensure effective enforcement at the same time get to beat the drums

or work in Jabatan Bomba and wear this flaming red uniform, trading water hoses with flutes, drums, horns. Firemen saved lives, but rarely recognised. So, when opportunity arrived, they blew their own trumpets!

So who else wanted to blow their own trumpets. The Police of course. And they added a big horn to be heard loud and clear.

The Police were splendid. Wanna see them up close?

Away from trumpet blowing, Mr Blogger caught this lady participant. She was looking at someone in the crowd. Mr Blogger was hoping she had her eyes on him...but that's just being "perasan". Well, some people can live on hope!

Sorry I got carried away. The floats, the floats! That's what the crowd came for. The kereta lembu suggested the float originating from Hang Tuah's place of origin. And by 2010, Melaka will be maju. That's what they say. I didn't

The Wetland was the identity of Putrajaya. Sadly, not many had actually toured the wetlands of Putrajaya. The Wetland will be in my blog at another day and another opportunity.

Johore came with their Zapin. This dance must be real engrossing. "Who cares about the Big Foot lurking around when I do my Zapin." And Bigfoot could be just someone's imagination.

Tourism Malaysia came with the VMY 2007 theme, including an astronaut! Yes, we must not forget our own atronauts who will join the Russian orbiters this year. I recalled someone wrote about the astronauts...can or not!!!! We will always have nay sayers.

Do we Malaysians know that we have a space agency? I discovered it while cycling in Lake Gardens a few previous weekends. The stone on my bike's right probably symbolises where we all came from before - the stone age!

While in space, MAS landed in Putrajaya too, true to the "service with a smile". But, don't forget to match Air Asia's pricing too?

The finale and highlight included the dance routine, "COLORS OF MALAYSIA". Accompanied by the song and vibrated by the powerful giant speakers at the VIP stand, the dancers were in their elements. I can't help but sway along with the tunes, vibrating my camera at the same time.

So, till we meet again next year. Bye bye from Mr Belon

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Waiters' Race 2007, jointly held with Florathon 2007 was no waiting game. It was a race. Waiters and waitresses from hotels around the city compete on a 3km circuit, carrying a glass of concoction and a Nescafe can. Winners were judged both by time and amount of left-overs.

I had positioned myself at a vantage point and parked my bike. No one bothered to take even a glimpse of my horse...sigh.... They were glued to the Waiters' Race, some waiting for the baton (or rather the tray) to be passed to them to continue the race.

Anyway I do notice one who did a self-potrait.

Used to "waiting" in aircond comforts and covering short distances within the confines of a coffee house, bar or restaurants, I was thrilled by the sportsmanship and I must add sportwomanship of the participants.

Nevermind the difficulty of walking in a Malay dress for 3kms. "I'll lift it up a little. I'm sure spectators don't mind!" Do you?

And how does one walks on a stiletto? I offered her to pillion-ride on my bike, but that's cheating! And I'll land in hot soup...compliment of the Master Chef at home!

And there was a Sarawak waitress heavy with beads, ornaments and head gear. She carried an eco-friendly drink, judging by the color.

And there was a couple from a Bollywood restaurant. Everything matched, down to the concoction the lady carried on her tray.

"Oops...be careful. We are still in the running and there is no need to rush."

Woo...steady..steady...don't spill

"Oh no, the tray is leaking"

Be like me. Slow and steady wins this race

And the winner is........................

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


It's here again. A day off from exercising my legs, a chance to exercise my fingers...on the camera. Venue was a 3km circuit around the Lake Garden of KL starting from Padang Merdeka. Event was the Florathon 2007, in conjunction with Malaysia's 50th anniversary and VMY 2007. I was early, arriving at the car park at the Lake Gardens at 0700, my bike on the roof rack of my Kelisa.
So where do I ........

At Padang Merdeka of course. And I thought I was early. Everybody and everything were there - mini photographers, maxi photographers - amateurs, semis, professionals, professional-look-alikes, cameras - expensive cameras, cheapos, huge tele lens, not so huge tele lens (like mine), mono pods, tripods, I Pods, Dopods.....all clicking away

I must also single out a very engaging couple. They were enjoying every minute of the fest, soaking in with youngs and not so youngs. I pray I can remain on my mobile two wheels for as long as I could, Insyallah.

Subjects were aplenty and 200% willing. Colors were everywhere - from head down to toe.

Flowers likewise were everywhere - on the head down to toe,

The Pharmaton colors were here too

That's to be expected. After all its ....

Everyone took a break from the daily stress, notwithstanding the DBKL employees. For them, it's a chance to feel useful when city folks and out-of-city folks came to enjoy and appreciate Kuala Lumpur

On my bike, I stayed ahead of the the 3km walk. An advantage indeed. The walk did take its toll (not the Samy Velu kind), but the toll on the walkers. But the Organisers were well-prepared. St Johns, the Ambulance was eveready...and you get good attention when you smile, better if you are a lady in distress!

And this flower mum was also well prepared.

I singled out some individual flower girls too. My Home Minister does read my blog. Anyway ma'am, its art...pure and simple.

And sometimes I took only their backs...very selamat

And I took kids' photos too. And I'm sure it will be very okay if they cook for me :-)

I like close-ups too. The vibrance of the colors were...well very "bouncy".

It was threatening to rain earlier. It drizzled a little. Then, the sun came out. So the sunglass came out.

With so many shots taken, my camera battery was running low. I manage a final shot of a familiar face, an official from Tourism Ministry

....and I took a very final shot with the Queen of England!

Till we meet again