Monday, June 14, 2010


Saturday 12th Jun 2010 marks another milestone in the family circle. Fresh from a "siblings only" outing in Indonesia, we came home for another family get-together. This time, Insyallah, will see the bind of 2 families together in December.

As parents, my wife and I have waited for this day. And I must add, so did the uncles, aunties, nephews and nieces. Not that it's long overdue. This day, our son RAFEQ will be engaged to our future daughter-in-law NURUL AFRAH.

Saturday 2:30 pm was the appointed time. And we were on the dot! Having 2 retired army officers as brothers-in-law and yours sincerely grilled from young in RMC to be on time, we did not disappoint our future "biras". Hope they do not think we were just too eager!

We got the young men to carry the "hantaran". Right in front is the potential candidate for next year's hantaran. That's our second son Raqim, not overdue but also due! True to correct management principle, we will focus on one thing at a time.

After the usual pleasantries, the merisek was over in less than 5 minutes. 

Ingin memetik bunga yang kembang

Untuk hiasan dalam jambangan
Apakah daya nasibku malang
Bungaku puja dipetik orang

Too bad la Datuk Ahmad Jais

Ingin memetik bunga yang kembang

Untuk hiasan dalam jambangan
Alhamudlillah nasibku tidak malang
Bunga Rafeq puja, belum dipetik orang

So our spokesman Lt Kol (R) Hj Hamzah (my brother-in-law) offered the symbolic rings, passed one circle to the future mother-in-law for acknowledgement and acceptance and back into the bekas hantaran for the symbolic "adat menyarung cincin" - a first for my wife. (Wahai isteri ku, one more chance next year)

Formalities over, time for some digitial memories

My Side

Future Biras side

(Rafeq & Nurul Afrah)

Friday, June 4, 2010


How often do you get a group of siblings going on a holiday? Happens all the time.

Well, how often do you get a group of siblings, MINUS THEIR SPOUSES,  going on a holiday?

That's exactly what the Zakaria family will do today. 7 girls and 1 boy will do just that.

The one sitting, the eldest, can't make the trip. The boy sitting can't make the trip either. So that leaves all the 6 girls (behind the one sitting) making the trip. of course the boy relaxing in front will also make the trip.

Will the only boy going be bullied by all the girls? Hmmm.....maybe.

But we know that we will have a wonderful time together for this once in a lifetime activity.

To the unlucky spouses who have to be left behind, take heart. We will bring some "ole-ole" back for you all.