Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This blog is long overdue, way too long overdue.

6 classmates from our vintage (?) of GEST (Government English School Tumpat) had a short reunion over lunch several months ago. It was on occassion of Rita visiting KL to see her parents. These were my primary classmates, who generally remained communicable with one another.


Now must call Dato' Wee. Soon to be retired senior Police Officer. Used to be attached to the Malaysian Police Contingent in Songkhla, Thailand. I used to frequent his spacious bungalow in Songkhla for overnight stops during my motorcycling forays into Thailand. He's one of the active one initiating get-togethers amongst classmates.

Recently hosted a wedding for his daughter, who now resides in USA. I guess we know where he will end up after retirement - touring the golf courses in US.


An athlete and sportsman in his heydays. Razak is the the unofficial secretary of this loose gathering of classmates.

Lives nearby in Kelana Jaya and already a datuk. Notice the spelling!


Came to Tumpat in Form One (I think), daughter of the OCPD R.N. Walker who got transferred to Tumpat City. As kids, we had always been scared of the police. With her as classmate, we went to the OCPD quarters to play! What a 360 degree turn. Then she later stayed with the Headmaster, Mr Ragavan.

We have not lost contact with her inspite of her living in Germany for a short spell of time and later in beautiful Chiengmai. In Chiengmai, my family visited her in her nice bungalow. Now she lived in Songkhla, where we used to visit her


An ardent adventurer, following the footsteps of her husband. Once, she traced or attempted to trace her roots in China. I believed she had a stint working in UK, hence her current English-speaking accent, which is a pleasure to listen to for kampong folks like us.

She had trekked in Nepal, gone to South America, done China, covered Borneo and God knows where else.


A man with a very positive outlook, inspite of some challenges he faces. Always laughing, a good friend to be with, especially when you feel down.

Owed a fair bit to this man for suggesting my youngest daughter to study in Dublin, where 2 of his daughters are currently studying/working. My daughter is now pursuing her ACCA in Dublin and had just recently been offered a job. Thanks a trillion Din.

Like Lian, also a traveller. Currently residing in South Africa, following his wife who works with the Malaysian foreign service. Used to stay in New York for several years when his wife was transferred there. Prior to that, I believe he followed his wife to India.


Notice I don't have Ahmad in front of my name. Back in the school in Tumpat, I was known only as Ramli. The "Ahmad" came later, after I furthered my studies in RMC. Fully retired but currently enjoying sharing whatever experience I have with the younger generation.

So there we are. Hope to keep meeting them and many others in the future.


oops did I just say that? said...

cheers dad!!! hehe...you should put the "has started her job and now pursuing her ACCA...."....

NIZA said...

Read your journey. What a wonderful way to meet people. Continue your wonderful ways of telling great real life stories.