Tuesday, August 12, 2008



Cilacap is a town by the sea. Pretty modern and pretty big. There are several big hotels. I arrived by bus from Kroyo a day earlier, at about 4pm. I immediately asked for direction to the beach and cycled there looking for a losmen.
Fishing is a big industry here. There were the huge fishing boats moored at the jetty, meant for deep sea fishing. These fishing boats reminded me of my birthplace. My late father was once a fisherman, in a small village by the sea off Tumpat. I grew up as a fisherman's son, tasted a little bit of hardship in my growing up years. However, my father prospered and later owned several boats. Life became a lot easier. I tried deep-sea fishing once and I threw out everything from my gut. I recalled longing for solid ground the whole night i was rocked from side to side, up and down. That must have been my longest night. And I was 16!

Across Cilacap is an island, Nusa Kambangan. There is a prison there, something like The Alcatrazz. I did not venture there though I was told ferries ply there. Reason? Simple. Stay away as far as possible from prison!

There were of-course small time fishermen here too. They would venture a few kilometres off the coast and return daily. Their sampans were similar in design with those found at Glagah. These pictures were taken on my arrival in the evening and boats would have returned with their catch.

I decided not to stay too long in Cilacap since I have only 2 more days before flying back. I would need these 2 days to visit Solo and to tour Borobudur.

I found out express buses ply Cilacap - Jogjakarta daily. I booked the 10am bus, paid IR40,000 for my fare and another IR40,000 to the conductor for the bike, without receipt. I didn't want to argue with him though but I suspect he pocketed the bike fare.

The journey was in air-conditioned comfort, traversing the major road link to Jogja, passing several major towns of KEBUMEN, PURWOREJO and WATES. On my way to Cilacap, I had travelled the coastal village roads and I was glad I did that.

Back In Jogja, I cycled from the bus terminal back to Marlioboro. This time around, I decided to stay at a little bit "upmarket" losmen for IR75,000 a night. Reason? A lounge where I can sit and read and write.

Tomorrow would be solo in SOLO.


Anonymous said...

following your journey/blog for the past few month, interesting.

tupat jugok

ARZ said...

Hei Tupat Jugok,

Why so anonymous one. "Show" yourself la. After all we come from the same city - Tupat!

nadya said...

one of my mom's helper some some 15-18 years ago was from cilacap. i forgot her name, but i remember her well, quite a lady, with hair tight back in a neat bun, who teach me the basic of head & back massage, jawa style which i now master,thanks to her.

always tell me story of her village n her life before she came and work in malaysia. now i hv some vision to complete her stories. she's now back in cilacap after 4-5 years with us. i hopes shes doing well.

thank you for this pak.

salam to ur family.

Anonymous said...

tak dok blog.
Yeh, the great density, Dense city.
i'm yr junior, Rahimi is my one year senior and one of yr sister is my primary school form teacher, if i'm not mistaken.
tupat jugok

ARZ said...

Tupat Jugok,

Have we met before?

ARZ said...


So you had a maid from Cilacap some 15 years back? If you have her address, you could plan a trip there. Bring your EOS (upgraded now?), rent a spedamoto and go to the villages. You'll have a great time

sikulat said...
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sikulat said...

Salam En Ramli,

As promised, here I am leaving comments in your blog.

I would like to say thank you to you for all the knowledge & experience that you have shared with us the past 1 month. It easier to picture and visualize the meaning of success now when we have some mentor like you. (heheh)

Do come & visit my blog ya!

EPP Batch 7 - Noorasmawati Salleh