Tuesday, October 7, 2008


First Syawal was here. For the last 3 Syawals, we missed our youngest baby who celebrates away in Dublin...sob....sob.... We had the remaining 3 with us at home. We hope to have our baby home next year for Raya, but only for Raya.

It had also been a while we took a family pic, so here goes. From left would be Rafeq the eldest, then Ramli the oldest. Then comes Shakira the third, followed by Muna the wife-cum-mother and Raqim the second. Baby is missing of-course but hopefully Rafeq will provide an addition to the family next year.

After the usual morning Sembahyang Raya Aidilfitri and the wife-cum-mom's cooking of lontong, ketupat and Johor delicacies, we were ready for our usual routine of berziarah, kekubur dan kerumah emak saudara dari clan Johor. Delicacy Kelantan and ziarah di Kelantan will be on third day Raya.

My mother-in-law Hajah Zabedah bt Abdullah stayed with us until her death. She was buried at Perkuburan Kiara at Taman Tun.

In April this year, we lost another family member, Allahyarham Wan Husin Wan Hamzah, my "biras" . He was also buried at Perkuburan Kiara. Al-Fatihah.

We moved next to Perkuburan Petaling Jaya where my wife's eldest sister was buried. Allahyarhamah Huda bt Haji Kassim passed away at an early age of 32, succumbing to a long illness.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat Nya kepada keluarga yang telah mendahului kami. Amin.


azrInah said...



oops did I just say that? said...

aqim's picture looks nice
ila oso sooo sweett#
everybody oso laaaaa

amn said...

mimi's sis so sweet.. kuikui..

Anonymous said...

Teringat kecik2 dulu , pagi raya lepas solat ke kubur dato ziarah kbur2 datuk nenek.
Raya ni tok de.

Father Sez said...

Assalamu'alaikum, Pak.

Good to remember our loved ones who have passed on. This year we visited my late MIL and BIL's graves on the day before Raya.

On the issue of family potraits, our family makes it a point to take one every year.

And again, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin from me and my family.

ARZ said...


As U know, kawae kelek and visited my late father's grave at Kubur Dato'.

Guano demo tak de tu?

ARZ said...


Great idea to have family pic taken every year. Thanx for a great tip.

Anonymous said...

kawe kerja london raya balik KL then kelate 2 hari jah,mother tak balik so didn't stay a night in tumpat.
Sini banyak basial pelik2 hari ahad baru ni tengk sebutir mace harley davidson nga jong gateh pun
serupa hok panggilapa nama hell angel?

ARZ said...

You are indeed a mystery! Kerja di London? Demo wat kerjo gapo sano wei.

Your mom is in KL? I sppose your mom knows my mom. What's her name?

Anonymous said...

Your late father is well respected and known to all old timer,use to pray at his 'balasoh',last year singgoh ,not that well look after mace2 dulu2.
Anyway i'm in oil and gas nearly joint yr nephew's company.

Anonymous said...

i just noticed our pic with tok. mimi look so cute!!!geram!!