Sunday, December 14, 2008


SUN 14th DEC 2009

I have three other outstanding blogs in draft. This now takes precedent, just to report a find. The title of this blog is itself a giveaway.

It's the usual 30 odd km Sunday morning ride with the Rubbermen group, riding into the Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE) from Bukit Jelutong. Why its called the Rubbermen Group would be a story for the future. 8 of us braved the threatening morning drizzle. Mission was clear, and certainly not impossible. Two groups splitted at the Paya Jaras Exit. The hungrier ones, me included, chose to head straight to Kuang.

We passed this place before, but always gave it a miss. The signage was bold and bright but somehow, none of us chose to stop, i.e. until 2 weeks ago. Now it's "the" destination. It's MOK SU NASI DAGANG in Kuang. Other menus included Nasi Lemak, a must have in Selangor and Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Berlauk. To top it, there was Pulut Nise for dessert. Note that I spelt it as "Nasi Dagang" and not "Nasi Dage" as Mok Su sells the Trengganu variety, with Ikang Aye. Guess I need to call the dessert as Pulut Nisang! So, calory count flew out the window. I recalled my son telling me that I ride to eat! I have no qualms about that. If one burns the calories, one can therefore enjoys food!

There was no time to let up. Destination arrived and now to complete the Mission Possible.

In the above pic is Jaja (iron lady), my name sake Liburg slightly hidden, Uncle, I mean Abang Shahruddin and Pedro (Rubberman). Shah didn't ride today, but in his younger days in early 60's, he was Malaysia's top cyclist.

He's 69 and that means he's 11 years my senior. Today, he's happy to meet us for the first time. He talked about cycling with passion. While I lived and eat Nasi Dagang, he lived and talk nothing but cycling. Guess if I want to ride through 69 years old, I got to eat and live bicycle too! Shah was also an Olympian, qualifying for the olympics. He now operates a bicycle shop in Shah Alam. So Abang Shah, see you in your shop soon.

Several photo shoots later, we were off for the ride home, fully satisfied. I decided to peloton with Kadri (Cokeman), Fazil (Chief Kutu) and Jaja (Ironlady). We were drafting at quite a reasonable pace, each taking turn to lead the peloton.

The rest decided to ride easy, rightfully so, on full stomach. Nearing the Elmina R&R, tragedy struck. Jaja was leading the peloton. Chief Kutu Fadzil was next. Chief Kutu's right wheel clipped Jaja's rear (I mean rear wheel) and he took a nasty tumble. Cokeman Kadri was only inches behind and Cokeman ran over Chief Kutu. Yours truly had no time to avoid and my Giant ran over Cokeman's bike and I too took a nasty tumble.

My left leg immediately cramped up. By now, the rest of the cyclists caught up and was helping us. The helmet prevented any head injury. My glove padding saved me from injuring my palm. Chief Kutu had skin abbrasions but with gentle hands to help clean the wound, the wound would be healing very fast!

Cokeman had quite a fall but his worst pain was to see the sole of his cycling shoe stuck to the pedal! Well Cokeman, a good reason to get a new one.

Cokeman still managed to take a picture with the man he cycled over, Chief Kutu. CK is on the right.

CK's rear derailleur was slightly bent and misaligned. We struggled to bend it back but could just barely made it, but enough for him to slowly cycled back to Bukit Jelutong.

Cokeman, anyway was happy to see a fellow cyclist, a doctor who carried Coke as an emergency drink. Goodbye Gatorade or 100 Plus.

....and Happy Birthday Jaja!


Dancing Ciken said...

salam arz. good report & pics. get well soon and thx for the wish :D

Chief Kutu said...

Kutu ARZ,

As usual your report is comprehensive & funny....I still say that u need a big tummy & buttocks cos it will really help u when u can "run over" by a friendly bike!

Reminder: Always wear a riding Helmet when u cycle

docolmo said...

Hope you guys in the accident would recover fast.

Inspiring to read about Shah the 69-year old cyclist. I was contemplating improving my bikes, but thought it would not be worth it as at 58 we don't know how long we can continue cycling -- at least for reasonable speeds and distances, and not just around the house and to the newspaper shop. Well, if 69 can still an active age, 10 years cycling life left is not bad!