Sunday, January 4, 2009


A hastily arranged get-together. Hanapi and Wan Mamat, my two ex-classmates from Tumpat were in KL recently. I invited them for some makan. Most of other classmates residing in Selangor and KL were either busy celebrating the Xmas or outstation taking advantage of the long holidays.
This was our Form 3 class photo back in 1966. As the class monitor, I sat in between Cik Gu Danapal and the sweet Miss Ho Soo See. Miss Ho had since migrated to Australia.
I got Majid to come from Seremban with his wife. Rosly came alone. Wan Mamat came with his wife and brought along Hanapi, who probably would get lost in Subang Jaya looking for my house.
And I managed to get Cik Gu Danapal Naidu to come, with his wife.
That's the Danapal Naidu I blogged about earlier, the Malaysian Discuss thrower in his heydays. So, it became a small gathering of friends with our Cik Gu Danapal.
At close-up, you know why Danapal was a Malaysian athlete. And since then, we both have "lost" our crown!

I have met Danapal over the years as he too lives in Subang Jaya. For the rest, this occassion was the first time they meet Danapal. So, plenty of stories and updates.

A group photo to remember this special occassion

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