Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I am back in Kota Bharu since Sunday night. My mother is not well. She has been in hospital since Saturday afternoon. This time around, the whole family members are back.

The hospital earlier wanted to operate on her for an intestinal blockage. Last night, the specialists decided against the operations, citing her age and her current medical conditions.

The family accepts what's best for her.

Kita merancang. Allah menentukan.


nadya.s said...

semoga allah panjangkan umur ibu cikRamli, semoga dia cepat sembuh.

doa dari Nad & family.

Al-Manar said...

This is one of those promised moments that we ourselves are being put under tests and observations . With the strength we believe we have developed over the years, now is the time to prove how much faith we truly have in Him. What choice have we? I pray all is well for your mother and you all.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

I feel you bro. Wish I have a magic wand to give you. But as Muslims, we know Allah s.w.t. is The Most Knowing and Most Merciful. Like many, I too will have to go through moments such as this and just do not know how to face it.

Take care, bro.

Acid said...

Sorry to hear of your mum, abg Ramli. Hope she will recover. All the best wishes to you, and keep faith.


razifembi said...

hope your mother getting well soon. InsyaAllah ...

my first drop here ... salam from relaxjom ...

ARZ said...

Salam Nadya, Pak Chik, Cakapaje, Acid and razifembi

My mother peacefully breathed her last breath at 8:45pm on 4th Aug at the hospital. ALL the children, most of her grandchildren and great grandchildren were by her side when she left us.

Except for one great grandhild, there were no tears from us as her heart beat slowly fade away from the monitor screen. We had wiped away our tears as her BP and heart beat started to recede. We wanted her to go in peace

We thanked Allah swt for the good life she has had and for giving her to us for 84 years.

ARZ said...


Good to hear from you. It's been quite a while.

ARZ said...


Thanx for dropping in. Hope to know you in the future

AHMAD said...
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AHMAD said...

peace upon u , brother Ramli.
my name is Atan from Ampang,Sel.D.E..i'm an avid bicycle tourist.would like to join you in the future.i'm heading to Kuantan via Mersing this week together with Man'Fullface' a.k.a mansid,Brother Zul Keramat and a few fellas from KL.

just read about your mother.Semoga Allah swt menempatkan beliau bersama2 mukminin.Amin

ARZ said...

Akum Sdr Atan,

Salam Perkenalan! TQ for dropping in and also for yr ucapan takziah.
I wished you, Man, Zul n yr other friends a safe and wonderful touring experience on the east coast of Pahang. Zul is a fast tourer. Man is a very relaxed but also can be a fast tourer. Enjoy the ride and do stop often.