Thursday, October 29, 2009


So, what do we do on Day 2 of our stay in Paris? The options are plenty and time is limited.

Whoever has been to Paris would have their pictures taken at the Arc de Triomphe, built in 1806 by Napoleon. Well, Napoleon did not build it himself of-course. One can google Arc de Triomphe to find vast information on this monument. (The wonders of the internet can often make one lazy to write at length!)

As tourists, pictures to indicate that "we were there" must obviously be taken! Indeed in this case, for the sake of Mimi. Later, she can show the pictures to her children that she brought her "atuks" to Paris.

The weather was a little chilly and I have to zip up full for comfort. For someone living in this condition for several years, it was just pleasant.

Then, we moved on to The Louver. I wonder why this most famous musuem is called The Louver, though pronounced with the "er" silenced.

Personally I have a hate relationship with the louvers, not the one in Paris but the one found on the window panes of the Royal Military College. Back then, amongst the daily chores in the very early mornings, when other school kids were still sleeping, we had to clean and wipe the louvres. Not a speck of dust must be on the louvres during inspection by the seniors. But these louvers have a nack of collecting dusts and we ended doing push-ups during inspection time.

So, Mimi you can do your jump at The Louvres while I wished I could break every single louvres in RMC. Ha..ha..

I guessed a rare shot of the senior love birds at The Louvre will be okay, after all we are on our senior honeymoon, with the youngest baby in tow!

One can spend days at this musuem, depending upon one's interest on old artefacts. On this visit, we did not enter the musuem as we had done so on our first visit. Then, we had seen the original "Mona Lisa" which bears no similarity to my wife, Muna! I certainly do not prefer the famous one in the musuem!!!!

Anyway, Mimi would have her chance to do a full visit on her own trip. We were just loitering within the glass pyramid and took several pics for memory.

While having coffee inside, we just have to take a shot at this kid who was playfully peeping off and on with Mimi. Children after all are the same everywhere - innocent and playful. Ever notice when babies cry? You will never know what nationality they are!

More pics along the streets of Paris while looking for halal lunch.

I took this shot of fresh sea-food but settled for kebabs in a Turkish restaurant found within the small streets.

Ah, that famous story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

We did not find any hunchbacks there but discovered as usual, loads of tourists capturing their moments at this famous spot. A Chinese couple was taking turns to touch the brass plate on the square. Its significance? I don't know.

From his attire, this tourist must have been from Tibet. He would have loads of pictures to bring home to show those who were less fortunate.
And here is a parting shot of Notre Dame, taken on the numerous bridges spanning River Seine.
We walked past stalls after stalls selling all kinds of everything - arts, souvenirs of every kind, old books, old paintings, etc. We did not buy anything.

Anything on two wheels attracts me, like this rather cute motorcycle.

Besides it was a Peugeot, but not a car. I only know of BMW motorcycles, and used to own one myself. I never know the existence of Peugeot motorbikes. I bet most of the Malaysian motorbike enthusiasts are not aware that Peugeot builds motorbikes as well.

Our final stop before we headed back to Simplon for the night has to be at Galleries La Fayette. The rather remorse pic of my wife and Mimi says it all. They bought nothing there!

Connected direct through it's own dedicated metro stop, Galleries La Fayette must be a stop for those visiting Paris. Let me re-emphasise here that it should be a must-stop, but not necessarily a must-buy!
A shot at the brands' numerous outlets will not hurt the pockets though. So you can do this lavishly.

I must add, the architecture and decor is a beauty, really worth dropping in, for a cup of coffee at its MacDonald's outlet.
That's what I did while waiting for my entourage to window-shop!

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