Monday, January 4, 2010


The "goat smile" continues the following day. And why not, after all Siti Sarah is now lawfully mine, says Adzmir. And it's Adzmir's family's turn to welcome the bride into the family.

A chartered bus from Felda Sg Klemah followed Siti Sarah to provide moral support for the bride. We welcomed SS into the family with open arms, with or without the chartered bus. Adzmir will be there to ensure SS's smooth transition into his family.

For my sister, she will have her final daughter-in-law, 4 in total and more cucus to her growing family, hopefully in a years time.

Momentarily, we forgot we were true blooded Kelantanese. We were in Negeri Sermbilan, the home of adat perpateh and of the Minangkabau roots.

So we had the little kids in the family in the traditional Minangkabau headgear to welcome the troupe.

And for the little one, so used to freedom, having a heavy headgear is a novel thing, at least for a while

then later, it gets tiring
For the teenage and not so teenage nephews and nieces, it was also a time of reunion

just like "teenagers" of yesteryears

It was also during this special occassion too that future bonds may be linked, and hopefully too in not so distant a time.

For my wife and I, it will be time to enter into another phase of our life with our own in-laws and small kids to pamper. I visualize that day soon in 2010 with Alleycats serenading one of my favorites "Jangan tunggu lama-lama......"



ayah su said...

Bukan saja setuju...approve..

oops did I just say that? said...


nadya.s said...

the kids looks gorjessss and slamat pengantin baru utk pasagan pengantin :)

u look sharp as weel cik Ramli :)

ARZ said...

Ayah Su,

Napok gayo Ayah SU keno jadi jurucakap nih

ARZ said...


Thanks for compliment. When is your turn? Jangan lupa invite ya!

ARZ said...


June Malik said...

kalau orang hindustan dia kata "kabul" setujuuuuu ...