Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Never makes the same mistake


There are so many new ones,

try a different one each day


nadya.s said...


ARZ said...

Saya pun setuju :-)

Al-Manar said...

TAK SETUJU LAH!. If you make a mistake by turning right you must keep on turning right across hills and valleys. Then, provided you do not run short of food and water, you will make a circle arriving back safely where you start! Then keep making mistake by turning left every time and enjoy a different scene.That is what you call beeing consistant - not fickle-minded.

ARZ said...

Akum Pak Chik,
When I know I make a mistake turning right, I will immediately stop. Then I asked a local to verify my location. And I moved on, and I continously verify my direction with the locals on the road. The bliss of cycle tours.

Anyway, Sham one of the tourers kirim salam to you. We have booked our flights to Jogjakarta in July to tour the highlands!