Friday, June 4, 2010


How often do you get a group of siblings going on a holiday? Happens all the time.

Well, how often do you get a group of siblings, MINUS THEIR SPOUSES,  going on a holiday?

That's exactly what the Zakaria family will do today. 7 girls and 1 boy will do just that.

The one sitting, the eldest, can't make the trip. The boy sitting can't make the trip either. So that leaves all the 6 girls (behind the one sitting) making the trip. of course the boy relaxing in front will also make the trip.

Will the only boy going be bullied by all the girls? Hmmm.....maybe.

But we know that we will have a wonderful time together for this once in a lifetime activity.

To the unlucky spouses who have to be left behind, take heart. We will bring some "ole-ole" back for you all.


June Malik said...

have fun and try not to be bullied tho i doubt it hahaah

Al-Manar said...

Wow, seven siblings, six sisters CYCLING across the Jerteh bridge with the brother at the rear to keep a watchful eye for the the wolves! Do not forget to take pictures for the Guiness Book.

AD. said...

pity abah :)
don't forget about me (:
I want more than ole-ole,hehe

ARZ said...

June Bond,

Got bullied la...

Update coming, hope soon. Stay tuned.

ARZ said...

Pak Cik,

Cycling would have been a little challenging. Opted for a more comfy option.

Hope to update soon.

ARZ said...


Lain kali make sure yr dad pergi, baru dpt ole ole.

Otherwise, dpt olo olo only