Thursday, March 10, 2011


A chanced informal discussion with a cycling group from the hills of Melawati of KL drew a consensus of touring Vietnam. This cycling group called themselves GEDEBE, a Kelantanese term that could send shivers down the spine in the old days of the infamous Kapok Kecik. Led by Wan Sabri (WS), who hailed from "White Sand" in the Kapok Kecik country, himself a Vietnam veteran, we began planning for the trip. As a Vietnamese veteran, it was pretty easy for him to organize. He has maintained contact with his past cadres, which further assists in planning. 

So there we were, 5 GEDEBEs and 3 non-GEDEBEs including yours sincerely. Booked into the AirAsia (what else) flight from LCCT to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) from 26th Feb - 5th March for a 5-day cycling tour, our preparation was focussed on South Vietnam. 

Having done pockets of cycling tours in Thailand and Indonesia, the other Asean countries had been on my radar scree. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos offers exciting opportunities. For now, it would be South Vietnam. The 5-day ride would see us touring the long coastline of South Vietnam. As coastlines are usually flat, though not necessarily pancake flat, we had expected the ride to be moderate in effort. Little did we know that a different challenge would await us.

The group did our usual ride-training in the hills of Lenggeng and Broga, once alternating with the dragon back of Bukit Cerakah and also reward ourselves on the "light & easy" ride to Nasi Dagang Mok Su in Kuang. Ride to eat at times became a focus. 

The GEDEBES were 

Later known as WASABI
Leader for the trip. A Vietnam veteran

and there will be stories to write about this great gentleman

The cyclist with a photographic eye from whom several shots in my blogs will be unashamedly taken from

who rides as if there is no tomorrow, i.e. fast
the baby amongst the veterans who is on a 24-hour link on the GPRS

The NON-GEDEBEs were 

The techie guy with the lightest body and the lightest bike

A rookie into cycling (hence touring) who became a veteran cyclist overnight

Yours truly, the oldest of the veterans


DAY 1 : BIEN HOA ---- DAT DO (92 kms)
DAY 2 : DAT DO ---- KE GA (107 kms)
DAY 3 : KE GA ---- PHAN RI CUA (119 kms)
DAY 4 : PHAN RI CUA ---- CAM RANH (125 kms)
DAY 5 : CAM RANH ---- NHA TRANG (55 kms)


Panahsakti said...

Arz, Hj Kamat is also an archer. Stop shooting due to injury.

ARZ said...

Oh begitu ya. Memang Pak Kamat kuat orang nya, kata orang "tabek spring" la. Maybe dia tak ada peluang nak cerita pasal ketajaman panahan nya, sebab asyik bercerita bab basikal aje

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you ended there? i want to read the cycling bitss

ARZ said...

Wait la...good food should be eaten with small bites