Saturday, April 9, 2011

A TOUR OF SOUTH VIETNAM - Two half-days in Nha Trang

DAY 5 - After Lunch

Fully rested and showered after our noon arrival in Nha Trang, we had the full afternoon to sight-see what Nha Trang has to offer. For a start, it has to be it's splendid beach, facing the open sea. It proved popular both for tourists and locals. Nha Trang is reputed to have the best beach in Vietnam. Having traversed close to 500 kms, most times hugging the sea, I would say Nha Trang has the best developed beach in South Vietnam. By virtue of that, Nha Trang is also a very developed town. Next to the hotel we stayed, there were several high-rise projects taking advantage of the sea-front.

Nha Trang beach from our hotel

After lunch, I joined Wan Sabri, Dzul and Kamad for a quick look at the other parts of the town. The first stop was a Cham ruin. It was not really a big complex but was quite well patronised. Situated on a small hillock, there were prayer activities going on when we took the flights of steps to the top.

It was a group of lady-devotees chanting some prayers. One appeared curious of the visitors.

With the vantage point on the hillock, we captured several shots of the town.

Fishing remains one of the town's major activity

And as I made my way down, I could not resist capturing this cute baby walking down the flights of steps, secure in the grip of the father.

And Dzul captured this "young man", happily posing on a motorbike while his mom darted into a shop for a quick purchase. I do not suppose child-napping is a threat here.

Wan Sabri the Viet veteran was very comfortable taking some orders for some local delicacies and coaxing Kamad to give a shot at what was offered. I too could not resist. Don't ask me what the kueh is is called!

Next, a tour of the market.

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