Sunday, December 24, 2006


For 2 days on 18th and 19th Dec, I was in Kuching. Together with Teo and Grace, we were conducting a Leadership Training program for a GLC.

20th Dec was my return to KL. I had time to kill. My flight back from Kuching would leave at 7pm. I actually had much more time to kill. The flight finally left at 11pm.

After a 2 successful days , I was ready to explore the Kuching waterfront, while scouting for breakfast. Perhaps something local, something different from the usual breakfast menu of the hotel.

At the waterfront, the boats were busy criss-crossing the river, carrying office-workers to earn their daily food. What a difference. The pace of life appeared slower than the fast-flowing current of the river. The boatman was just too eager to smile for me. His boat roof served as a panel for advertising, to augment his daily income of RM1 per person that he charged for his service. I hope the boat will continue its tradition.

Suprisingly, no stalls were opened at the waterfront in the early morning. The wet market however appeared on sight. What an excellent opportunity to capture the locals. The stomach can wait.

Kuching is clean, literally. This city puts a lot of other cities of Malaysia to shame. Even the ice sold for consumption is hygenic!

I was also fascinated with the neat arrangements of the veges and can't help but capture them.

An Indian lady smiled for the camera, selling Indian spices.

Then it was Little India, a well-preserved street mall. The authorities have done an excellent job of retaining the old charm. The Indians were still there, as cloth merchants. So were others. I had my Murtabak breakfast, in a Malay warong!

Oh those cute colorful windows. Reminds me of the French Quarters in New Orleans

And what would Sarawak be without their Mee Kolok. This Chinese Mee Kolok cook bears some resemblance with someone :-(

While browsing in an antique shop, I chanced upon an employee of Shell. Must have worked in UK cos he's paid in Pounds. He must have loved his employer so much. Or, was he an ex-employee

I also chanced upon a cute coffee shop, which prides in its own roasted coffee beans. Stomach full, but cannot resist the charm of this cute place, or was it the charm of the Sarawak lass manning the shop? Owner, Mr Chang appeared to me as a nature lover. He wasn't at the shop but left plenty of his love for nature in the shop - t-shirt prints, photographs, post cards and a write-up of his coffee-beans -- LIBERICA COFFEE and ROBUSTA COFFEE. The Sarawak lass blended me both types in one cup and with kaya toast to accompany the coffee, I had my early lunch all for less than RM5.00

Time wasn't really on my side to meet all the multi-racials. But I managed to meet 4 of them - 2 Bidayuh, 1 Iban and 1 Orang Ulu. Let me introduce them to you.

Next came the China Town. Several Pagodas later, I was heading back to the hotel. A satisfying morning walk.

I must add that the Sarawakians drive in no haste. Horns are a rarity in use. However, don't wrongly park. YOU will be towed away!

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