Monday, December 25, 2006


A friend, a senior, company mate in College. A great guy, very athletic I must add. Always smiling, always laughing. I received 2 SMS from OP Azudin and OP Dr Wan Nik while I was in Kuching.
12 May this year, we were with many younger OPs and friends cycling to Endau Rompin National Park. OP Mat Tahir, was the oldest, the envy of every one for his athletic and youthful body and face, after all these years.
24 Aug 06, together with OP Azmi Hamid, I visited OP Mat Tahir in his house. He welcomed us at the door, slightly slimmer. Just discharged from his operation a week earlier. We spent a good 2 hours with him, chatting about everything and nothing.
We exchanged SMS a few times after that.
14th Dec 2006, I visited him with Azuddin and Frank in HUKM. Stayed with him for about 1 hour. Frank did most of the talking. Azuddin & I did most of the listening. I wouldn't be able to visit him alone. I will not know what to say or do.
His wife, his children and 1 cucu were in the room. Said good-bye, held his hand like a brother. I wished I had held it longer.
18th Dec, 2006 OP Mat Tahir left us. That's life - so fragile

We'll miss you too OP Mat Tahir. May Allah bless your soul.

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