Wednesday, May 2, 2007


28th May 2007 : Pha Nga to Krabi

No. We didn't plan to climb any rocks. The only thing we would climb will be our bicycles. Oh yes, we would also climb the hilly terrains and then enjoy the fun of the downhill, just like kids. In my training seminars, I encouraged participants to have a child in them. I'm walking the talk and living the same dream.

Refreshed by a good rest the night before, we clocked decent speed and covered about 30kms before we stopped for breakfast. This is limestone country and we saw plenty of these along the route. Like Pha Nga, this is also James Bond country. Plenty of signboards with the 007 logo, inviting tourists to visit the James Bond Island.

At some points, there would always be shaded trees worthy of a stop. Wendy and Boh, two front cyclists at one stretch were just too happy to wait for the rest to catch up.

Recumbent Foo was just too happy for fellow cyclists to wait for him.

So was Alauddin

And when we stopped, friendly villagers would greet us. They would asked us in Thai and we would shake our head and smiled, "medai Thai". They will smile back. Smile after all is an international language. Everyone understands it. And its free.

Children.....ah children.....they would always be curious. Some would hailed us and offered their youthful smiles.

Some shy ones would hide and seek comfort, whatever that comfort and protection brings!

As we rolled in to Ao Lok, a great view of the massive limestone backdrop welcomed us. The 3 photographers KC, Recumbent Foo and yours truly stopped to capture the scenes. I have travelled this route before on my motorbike. I cannot recall this scenery. On a bicycle, the pace is much slower. So one absorbed more.

At the town, we had time for a short rest and more photo taking. The TM cyclist Suhaimi posed one for the road.

So did I.

20 kms before Krabi, there was a long gentle climb. Wide roads and generous road shoulders for us mere mortals. We enjoyed the huff and puff as we made our way to the top. For every uphill, there will be a downhill. And where there is a peak reached, a reward sometimes awaited us.

Getting into Krabi, the stomach was calling for food. Found a Halal shop though choices were limited as it was way past lunch. The owner, Sufian spoke good Malay. With his spoken Malay, he made several hundred bahts for Florence and the gang to tour Ao Nang beach. Later that night, he offered to carry all 10 of us in his Hilux SUV for seafood dinner at the river mouth. Can't see much of the river in the dark, but the mouths were ready for seafood.


Total Ride Time : 4 hrs 44 mins

Distance : 93 km

Average Speed : 19.6 km/hr

Max Speed : 43.1 km/hr

Max Heart Rate : 172 bpm (chased by dog)


oops did I just say that? said...

the picture of that girl behind that tummy,reminds me of me, years ago,..i wonder whose stomach it was back then? with the kain pelikat.hahah

always flat said...

....and after all these years, the tummy remained flat as ever....