Sunday, May 13, 2007


The following "kids" made the Phuket - Padang Besar trip
Leader and Organizer. At 62, still a crazy horse. Ex Navy and now prefered dry land

Alauddin's "faster" half. Loves the hills and will leave the men in her tail wind.


Mr Yul Brynner. At 62, the most muscular man of the group. Other "kids" got to do catch up with Uncle Goh
KC "Rambo" & Siew Peng

The love-birds. Sometimes seperated when KC Rambo rides fast upfront to photograph the Tuarers. KC loves sleeveless riding jerseys. Siew Peng loves to sunlotioned KC's arms and ....

A gutsy lady. No fancy panniers for her. Just a sports bag will do. Always in front, afraid that she would be left behind. The Tuarers' unofficial money changer
Recumbent Foo

The mechanic, and a very helpful one. Rides a recumbent, an easy rider. As easy as his life-style - easy going.

The "baby" of the group at 32. At 6ft 2, he towers over everyone, especially....who else. Can smell an oil-palm factory several kilometres away

The new kid on the tour. Now "regretting" every minute of his cycling -- regretting for starting late! Thinking of upgrading now. At 42, plenty of time to catch up.

Last but not least. At 57, enjoyed touring, mostly solo but thoroughly enjoyed this group expedition. Looking forward for more. Unoffical blogger for group.

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oops did I just say that? said...

dad...are u sure you are 57??? not 37?? hehehe...not a day over 50 $$$$