Friday, January 11, 2008


9th January 2008

There was absolutely no rush, no queue, no chaos and no jostling for seats. The numbered and assigned seats were not even necessary. That's Fire Flyz. What a relief and a change from the hustle and bustle. Plus, it's only ten minutes to the airport from my house in Subang Jaya, and it costs as much as a bus fare from KL to Kota Bharu.

I was going home to my roots in Kota Bharu to visit my mother, the good daughter-in-law (of my mother) accompanying me. We decided to try out Fire Fly. Having tried it, I'm "fired" and I'll "fly" where they fly. Okay it's a Fokker 50. It flies on propellers and a passenger joked that flying in it is "panas" because the "kipas" is outside. Ha...ha...very funny. But I liked it. And I can still load in my bicycle in its stomach, though I didn't bring it along this time around. But now my plans are cooking.

Chat up the two friendly stewardesses, Barbara and Seha. While we are too familiar with the red uniform of "you know la which airline", the white and orange is a pleasant change too, soothing and not so garang.

I would have returned via Fire Fly too but with only 1 flight a day and leaving Kota Bharu at 8am, my trip would not have been "berbaloi" or worthwhile.

Within an hour, Fire Fly touched down and I was glad to balek kampong and visit my mom and add a few thousand calories along the way. That's the exciting part of balek kampong too.

Mom was waiting at my brother's place and we were happy to see her in good health and more importantly in good spirit. She was in KL for about 2 months before going back to KB before Hari Raya Haji. This time around, she would probably stay in KB longer than usual. I would make it a point to Fire Fly back very regularly to visit her. Occasionally, I'll cycle back to KB, on a one-way journey, Fire Flying back to KL or vice versa.


oops did I just say that? said...

haha so farney aaaa yew daddy...why so creative my entry? because about poppadom rite?

nadya said...

salam mr.ramli,

been a while since i left mmsg yea?

am planning to meet up bazuki for tehtarik session soon, ( maybe tomorrow @ ptjaya) and if you free..maybe you can join us and i can officially introduce u to him,.. my master.

i missplaced ur namecard,so cant call..

do email me @

Pak Cik - Almanar said...

You chose to fly to KB instead of cycling. No doubt you got there fast and it was cheap as well. But you missed KT, now a CITY , and our special keropok lekor! Think about it.