Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yesterday, we dropped in to the "Rumah" to deliver Bata shoes to the girls staying there. We recalled humming the Bata ads during our schooling days (nearing half-century ago) "mula ke Bata, kemudian ke sekolah".
With school scheduled to open soon, the timing is right. Wifey and her sister purchased Bata shoes for 16 girls from the home, a small year end social contribution. I was the delivery boy-cum-driver, with wifey in tow.
The joy of receiving overshadowed our joy of giving.

The joy of receiving was naturally followed by the joy of trying. Ah, the simple joys of life. They were just Bata shoes, not the likes of what "other kids" wear.

And finally the joy of sharing the memories with a few of them.

My two sons have initiated their own collection amongst their friends. Like the girls, the boys of this Rumah will be receiving their Bata shoes in a few days time.


CresceNet said...

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nadya said...

salam en.ramli,
anak2 membesar menjadi manusia yg lebih sempurna apabila mereka berjaya di didik dgn ilmu dan nilai pentingnya bersedekah. - you + wife are an example of great parents with the right parenting value.

alhamdulillah. my warmest salam to your lovely wife and kids.