Friday, February 15, 2008



Politics is not in my blood. And if I continue with my cycling activities, cholesterols and diabetics and a host of other toxins will also not be in my blood! Anyway, politics in Malaysia is without bloodshed, inspite of how aggressive one political party had displayed its readiness for "war". At its worst, we had water canons spraying some itchy chemicals.

There are however, seriousness in the way the supporters of 2 political parties went about for a show of strength. This was nomination day for Subang Jaya. Two parties would be at war here - Barisan Nasional and Parti Keadilan Rakyat. PKR was not prepared to battle with tanks, but their defacto leader was on their banner - A New Dawn for Malaysia was PKR's battle cry.

And YOUR VOICE IS YOUR CHOICE - Suara Anda Pilihan Anda, and you can visit the website too. (Shouldn't he be contesting in Kelantan?)

Puteri UMNO in their colorful pink colors were there too. Once they matured, their pink colors will turn red......

....just like their mothers, Wanita UMNO, in their more matured red sarong and tudung.

There were also some outstanding individual supporters. Dont play play

Yeah, dont play play!

But you girl, what are you doing here? You should go and play.

At the end of it all, the gatherings were very peaceful. The police were prepared but their skills of crowd control were not required.

The "winner" for the day belonged to Anak Kembara. The weather was hot. Hunger and thirst are univeral, irrespective which party you support. And Anak Kembara need not kembara looking for customers. And even if Anak Kembara has no license to operate, the local authority will "close one eye" for now and you don't have to be in Malacca!

And thank you for the mineral water

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hidup bn!!! even u are donning the colours of bn!