Monday, March 10, 2008


Two days prior to the election, I “Firefly” back to Kota Bharu, albeit a 2-hour delay. Reminds me of the early days of Air Asia when planes were scarce. Arriving at noon, it was perfect time for Nasi Kerabu at my sis’s place in Peng Chepa. My mother was there too, hale and hearty and of high spirit. Alhamdulillah. Just another reason for my regular trip home.

On the way to my sis’s place, banners in the mother tongue of the Kelantanese were everywhere. Barisan Nasional (BN) was going all out to capture the only state it had not yet won.
"For the sake of our future" BN said.
"Don't promise if you cannot deliver" boldy said BN
Resisting with all its might is PAS. It was to me, a David vs Goliath - the might and muscle of BN against the inner toughness of PAS, backed by its spiritual leader, Tok Guru. Of course, it’s all history now!

This was Battle Royale.
BN started the first salvo with the war cry “PADE DOH 18”, launched by enthusiatic BN Kelantanese probably somewhere in KL, led by a non-Kelantanese. In the media, there was no report of a counter attack by PAS.

On the ground in Kelantan however, things were different.

So, here I was, back in Kota Bharu wanting to experience the “war” in my birth state. Both BN and PAS were wooing the Kelantanese “di perantauan” to return. Free passage were offered. I paid for my own trip. And I paid for my wife too.

BN promised big. Awang Adek was already “appointed” Mentri Besar in anticipation of a big win. We all know the result. It’s all history now!

Pointing a finger towards the sky, Anuar Musa only asked for one vote for Kelantan

PAS claimed that when Anuar points towards the sky, he could only point to the “BULAN” and not to the “DACING”. And PAS gladly obliged Anuar with the Satu Undi that he asked for.

Such are the lighter sides. Of course, it’s all history now!

I suspect PAS had read, and read, and read and applied “Sun Tze Art of War”. PAS was prepared to defend its turf at all cost. For a start, PAS had stolen some war machines from MINDEF.

A green helicopter was on standby, and can only remained on standby and will not fly. It looked rather vintage, so it must have been stolen from the Mindef Muzeum!

Another tank guarded Jalan Morat with the "Tank Commander" waving a flag in one hand and a rifle in the other hand, hanging by strings to create motion as the wind blew. Bijok..bijok. Ambo tabek spring!

A huge green tank was strategically located along a road in Kota Bharu, with its machine gun and bullets ready to fire.

Up close, the machine gun could be used for firewood to cook my all time favorite Nasi Kerabu. The bullets, nicely tied with rafia strings would make a great decorative item for groups of people in the hinterland of some remote countries.

Behold, PAS also had a bunker in anticipation of a BN “attack”. It’s at the stronghold of PAS candidate, HJ Takiyuddin in Bunut Payung , his nest or “sare”. The bunker was armed to the teeth.

PAS had the multi-purpose machinegun-cum-grenade launcher. This machine gun is serious stuff. It cannot convert to firewood, but can double as “ejuh” (exhaust pipe). Its red grenade launcher would be useful as rear blinkers for night cycling. Thus, true to its name, this is a real multi-purpose machine gun!

And Hj Takiyuddin has employed a mercenary to help fight the war. Fresh from his highly successful combat duties in Burma in Rambo 4, Nik Rambo was flown in straight from there. Up above the bunker, he was on a 24-hour duty overlooking Jalan Bunut Payung. He looked a lot slimmer though and must have missed his budu when he was fighting in Burma. His trademark long hair is now covered ala Yasser Arafat, with sunglass to avoid recognition and BLUE uniform to further confuse BN. Nik Rambo however retained his awesome Bow and Arrow tipped with another blinker.....I mean... grenade, but now colored green.

BN on the other hand prefered the great white shark, aptly renamed the Great Blue Shark to comply to BN’s color scheme. With it’s jaws and razor-sharp teeth looking menacingly in Jalan Peng Chepa, Jaws also glitters at night. Sadly though, a day after the election, PAS was enjoying Sharks Fin Soup in celebrating their victory and It’s all history now!

I have to mention here that Tok Guru was and remained a telling factor for PAS’ success in Kelantan. No matter what was said or promised by BN, Tok Guru’s way of life had always become a symbol of peace of mind and heart. The promise of a new stadium, a grand bazaar, oil reserves off Bachok, etc, etc were all “hardwares” that meant little to the Kelantanese majority.

Tok Guru moved deeper into the “software” – the heart and soul of Kelantanese. Banners of Tok Guru in solitary loneliness offering his hands in prayers pricks the conscience of most Kelantanese.

And when he invited Kelantanese to sembahyang hajat and pray for PAS victory, the whole stadium was three-quarter filled by 3.30 a.m. Men and women, young and old came. Cars triple parked and there were no emotions for blocked cars which lasted till 8 a.m. All emotions were in the stadium, praying to fight the massive onslaught. Of-course, it’s all history now!

Come election day, I moved around observing the polling. I noticed a young Chinese couple in PAS’ tent.

Was it by coincidence too that this Chinese old man was wearing a batek-like green round neck? I didn’t ask him.

In Kg Terbak in Tumpat where the Siamese community lives, both parties was also wooing the Siamese community with their banners.
The war is now officially over. BN and PAS had fought a great battle. The victors would cherish the moments while the losers would have to lick their wounds and get ready for another battle.
My hope would be for both "enemies" to now continue and live in harmony.



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hidup PAS!!!!!!!


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