Sunday, February 22, 2009


Asm'kum & how r u en ramli? i am now at batu pahat to accomplish my mission to cycle m'sia solo @ 55, follow yr footstep. TQ 4 giving me motivation. This is my 12th day. Pls 'doa 4 me'. Tqvm, hj ariff

This morning I woke up to this SMS on my handphone. It came in last night at 11:15pm. I was already fast asleep. Immediately, I sent him a congratulatory SMS and later, I called him.

Who is this gentleman? He was one of the participants who attended the LMI programs I regularly conducted. I honestly can't recall his face, though the name sounded familiar.

He is 2 days away from reaching his goal. I request his permission to accompany him on his last leg tomorrow. I am anxiously waiting for his phone call.

I will doa for you Hj Ariff


junebaby said...

wow fantastic trip .. some of the places are really cool .. i must seriously join you on one of the weekend trip lah :)

ARZ said...


Start dreaming and visualizing. Then, start practising.

detsiwt playgrd keeper : said...