Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Let me categorically state that these pictures in this article are NOT mine! I scanned them from The STAR which recently carried winning photos of the World Press Photography competition.

I felt it would be a gross injustice to these pictures to leave them in the mercy of the "SURAT KHABAR LAMA" Chinaman who will come a-calling weekly, buying up all the past newspapers.

I reproduced the caption from The Star for the following pics

A woman holding her child trying to stop the forced eviction of her people in Manaus, Brazil on March 10 las year. She is pushed away from her home by riot police. Image by LUIZ VASCONCELOS of the Jornal A Critical/Zuma Press - first prize. General News singles category

A Kenyan boy screaming as he sees a Kenyan policeman with a baton approaching the door of his home in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, by WALTER ASTRADA for AFP. This one won First Prize, Spot News stories category.

Usain Bolt winning the men's 200m final at the Beijing Olympic games on Aug 20 last year, by Australian photographer MARK DADSWELL for Getty Images. Second prize, Sports Action singles category

Image of an earthquake survivors rescue operation in Sichuan Province last May, by China-based Reuters photographer BO BOR - second prize, Spot News stories category

This one is self-explanatory.

Closer home, in Butterworth to be exact, a YEOH CHINN LIANG captured this shot. This shot did not win any award. But it won my heart. Do we now have any excuse not to cycle?

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