Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And People say ......

This morning in The STAR, I read about this gentleman Borhanaldin Ahmad, 53, who cycled on a tandem with his son on a cheap holiday to see parts of Peninsular Malaysia. Bravo to this father and son!

They spent nights at the suraus or mosques, hence the economical holiday.

This reminds me of my Peninsular Ride, Road-to-55 ride in 2005, on occasion of my 55th birthday. I too sleept in the suraus and mosques on most part of the journey.

I remembered a close friend who asked me about my intention to sleep in the suraus and mosques. I recalled the conversation that goes like this

Friend : "Li, you want to sleep in the masjid or surau?"

Me : "Yes. Why not?"

Friend : "The masjid committee may not aloow it. Also, you sleep at one place, you wake up at a different place"

Me : "How do you know?"

Friend : "People say......."

I recalled smiling at him and abruptly ending the conversation.

This is a major problem. Very often, we are reluctant to do something for fear of what people may say. Very often too, those who say whatever they say, have not experienced what they say. It is a great pity for us NOT to do what we want to do, for this reason.

Another well-meaning friend said I was MAD to do it. I thanked him for saying that. Indeed, I was MAD - I was Making A Difference to myself!

I am sure En Borhanaldin would have experienced what I had experienced.

Let me share this quote from Anthony Robbins

"You should not worry so much about what people may think of you, because if you knew how seldom they did, you probably will feel insulted"

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