Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Children loved to cycle, and shhhh....adults too! And when adults do, watch out kids. The adults became more kids then kids! No kidding.

I took up cycling (again) back in 2001, roughly 9 years ago. I took up cycling by accident....because I had an accident.

The accident damaged my ACL of my right knee. The doctor did not prescribe me pills and vitamins. He prescribed me a bicycle. Coincidentally, Tiger Woods had a ACL injury too. But that's where the similarity ends between Tiger Woods and Tiger Prawn (me)! Woods did an operation because his knee is priceless. Prawn's knee would suffice with cycling.

In the kampong, we cycled because it was fun to do so. But, at a late age of 51, I was cycling for health reasons and I had no referals. The obvious step was to acquire the right knowledge. Hence I bought a book, aptly titled "BICYCLING FOR DUMMIES"...ha...ha....

Till today, it remained as my resource book. Applying the knowledge I gained from the book, I progressed to exercising using the Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). Unfortunately, the use of HRMs are currently limited to extreme sports users like the triathletes and top sports men and women, and serious exercise enthusiasts. They use the HRM to monitor performance and improvement.

The common man in the street are generally ignorant of the benefits of using HRMs. HRM is the tool to ensure that one exercises within a safe zone, not exceeding the maximum heart rate (MHR) of the exerciser. A quick way to know our MHR is to use this simple formula : 210 minus your age equals MHR. If one is 50 years old, therefore the MHR is 170 beats per minute. Put simply, a 50 year old should exercise within the safe zone of his MHR beat of 170bps, to avoid overstress of the heart which may lead to more sreious complication. And I am referring to those who would just be starting on an exercise regime.

How do I know this, and many other information? Again, I bought a book. Again, knowledge and application.

But how many will spend about RM400 for a HRM? Sadly, not many. But many will spend RM2,000 or more for a Golf set or just one Driver without a blink of an eye!

As I approached into my 60s, I am fully aware of the continuing degeneration of the body - wilting muscles, weakening bones and inflexible joints. While continuing my cycling activities for health, I have moved to another goal to slow down the degenerating process. Again, I turned to a Dummy!

It is my hope again to share this new excitement and knowledge with friends of my generation.

It is nice to be a kid again!


Sham Wahab said...

Good one ARZ...enjoyed reading this one and funny too. Psyching myself up for our T'ganu tour and already started on a check list of items. Ciao bro!

ARZ said...


Me too, looking forward to the East Coast group ride. Just got my Surly touring frame and today going to transfer components to my new frame. Itching to try out this cromoly steel bike.