Friday, March 19, 2010


He showed the peace sign as I captured him on my mobile phone. He was perhaps telling me that he was at peace with himself despite his challenges. His right hand hanged lifeless and he has limited use of his legs. He told me he can walk, albeit slowly, with the aid of a walking stick. I was at KL Sentral, waiting for the Komuter to return home. I missed the earlier train by a minute and had a 20mins wait. I looked for a bookstore and was browsing through the headlines of the days' newspapers. Then I noticed him, and he noticed me. He smiled. I returned his smile. With his left hand, he was making effort to open his zipped bag. I was observing him and he knew I was observing him. Inside his bag I could see little trinklets wrapped in plastic. He quickly offered me one, perhaps afraid that I would make a quick exit. "Berapa?". "5 ringgit encik". I did not hesitate. I took out a red note and he understood my gesture.

His next move was a surprise. He grabbed my hand and asked me to come close to him. His "only" left hand was strong. "Encik, tolong letak muka encik dekat dengan muka saya. Saya mahu cium encik". He kissed my cheek. I was sure the crowd was looking but I did not care. Here was a man, probably dying to give love to someone. Here was a man also dying to talk someone.

His next move suprised me even more. "Encik, tolong cium pipi saya". I did. The first time I ever kissed a man....on the cheek. Here is someone dying for some closeness with another human.

His name is Kim Wai. Born in Teluk Intan 40 years ago. At age 11, he was knocked down by a car, his right side now semi-paralysed. 4 in the family, parents still living in Teluk Intan.

Kim Wai lived alone in a rented place in Bandar Sg Long. His address 23A, Jalan 6/2.


June Malik said...

that's one wonderful gesture boss, makes us think twice of our lives kan? congrats on ur first kiss man to man :)

ARZ said...

June, I know you would do the same....I dont mean the kiss!!

June Malik said...

honestly? i would have if he asked, he needs some sunshine in his life.

Al-Manar said...

You have not disappointed me. That was characterally typical of what I would expect of you, simply human.

ARZ said...

Pak Cik,

I am sure you too would do the same. Thank you for your words of encouragement, as always.

rosy_rosyrose said...

I have been to a motivation course which we were required to kisss the forehead of our course partner (of course lady with lady, man with man!). And the feeling was amazing. The closeness that we shared with someone that we barely know. The power of human touch. Love your blog. Keep on writing!

ARZ said...


I believe we have met during the LMI training program kan? Am glad you have experienced that closeness with someone not necessarily related to you. I felt good doing it.


DR Bubbles said...

Pak ARZ,

I love this very entry of yours.

.iyza. said...

i just blogwalking at ur page..
and i notice this post..
it touched me..
and what do ya know..
teluk intan is my hometown..
and this really surprised me.:D

Pearls and Gem said...

I am touched!
I woke up at 3 am to read Al Baqarah.
I found out this is part of it!....
God bless you...Li