Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Having explored the original land of the Minangs not just once, but twice, the musical theatre "TERATAK MINANG" is a show not to be missed. Istana Budaya, designed for performing arts is just the place to showcase this latest musical.

Somehow, I do feel a little bit out of place as my wife and I queue up to enter the theatre. There are obviously a lot of the Minang descendants in the queue. Some  proudly branding their Minang lingo. Well, pure Kelantanese as I am, I consoled myself that my wife is of Bugis descendant. Kira orang dari seberang juga lah! I bump into a friend's wife who had an entourage of her Minang sisters with her. Everybody is proud of their origins.

The casts are a mix of veterans and up and coming artistes, all displaying great professionalism.

Who would not remember the evergreen Ely Kassim. Her rendition of "Ayam den Lopeh" at the beginning of the show is just crispy, as crispy as the chicken fried ala-Padang. Ah...nostalgia untuk seorang yang bakal menjangkau 60!

And there is also Eddy Silitonga rendering songs made popular by Tiar Ramon. Tiar Ramon is a pure Minang but he has passed away many years ago. I am sure if Tiar Ramon is alive, he would be here with Ely Kassim. But Edy is a great replacement.

There is another local guest artiste Aishah Wahid. I must admit I do not know the younger singers but she too had a very sweet voice.

Music director is none other than Datuk Suhaimi Mohd Zain, better known as Pak Ngah. An ensemble of gamelans and other classical musical instruments blend very well with the modern musical instruments. 

The story-line is simple. A kampong scene, two young men, one planning to merantau. Ujang, played by our very own Ebby Yus about to journey to seek a better life, to cross the straits to where the Minangs abound - Nogori Sombilan in Tanah Melayu.

Bidding farewell to Ujang is Buyung, the main cast. Buyung is played by Hengky Zubir, an original from Padang.

And there is Siti Nurba'yah played by a Minang lass Nadia Putri Rosadi. Siti Nurba'yah is Buyung's sweetheart. She too appears into the scene carrying some "bekalan" and to bid farewell to Ujang.

More kampong scenes and more renditions of Minang songs by both Elly Kassim and Eddy Silitonga, supported by dancers from Istana Budaya and Sofyani Dance Group from Padang.

The call to "merantau" is also strong in the blood of Buyung. He too must "merantau" to seek a better fortune for he later wants to ask for the hands of Siti Nurba'yah. So off he goes following the footstep of his friend Ujang. Siti Nurba'yah is very sad to let Buyung go, but go he must! Eddy Silitonga rendered "Bapisah bukan barcarai" as the goodbye scene is acted out.

The prop is great. An actual Ojek, the passenger van found in Padang is driven in to the stage to pick up Buyung. The famous Jam Gadang of Bukit Tinggi is also featured. Hats off to the prop crews!

So Buyung too landed in Nogori Sombilan, precisely in Seremban. A busy scene in a market place and Buyung was seeking directions to meet his uncle Pak Wahab, who had "merantaued" earlier and found his small fortune as a clothes merchant.

Pak Wahab is played by Ally Noor and his wife Mas is played by Mastura. Both of them Ally Noor (Pak Wahab) and Mastura (Mas) are famous for their songs "Apo Kono Eh Jang", "Alahai Anak Omak", "Apo Nak Buek Jang" and many others. If you think they both hailed from Negeri Sembilan, you are wrong! I too thought they are pure Minangs. They were both born in Pahang and Ally Noor is a cousin brother of Mastura.

So Buyung also met Ujang who is now married to Yong.  Buyung thinks Yong is also a Minang lass but the bubbly Yong says she is from Perak. And in her Perak slang, jests that she thought abang Ujang is a Bangla, emphasising his dark skin and is a little "disappointed" that he is a Minang. The audience had a great laugh with the bantering and Ujang was quick to act that "sobonar nyo, Yong ingat sayo ni Shah Rukh Khan". Again a good laugh.

Yong is played by Siti Rokhaida, better known as "Rock Terjah". And Rock Terjah certainly "rocks".

Another scene have Buyung reading a letter from Siti Nurba'yah who misses Buyung. But not long after, Buyung received a shocker. Siti Nurba'yah's father has matched-make her to another lad in the village. So there we see Buyung "frust menunggeng" as his sweetheart is taken away from him. Several sad Minang songs follow as Buyung wonders aimlessly in the kampong.

Overcoming his remorse, Buyung soon took over the business of Pak Wahab and concentrate on working hard. Another busy scene in the market. In come a new lass, Siti Nurhalisa with her mom on a shopping spree. A little commotion when she forbids her mum from buying cheap perfumes from a group of young men. One of them has a heart for Siti Nurhalisa and when Siti gets a free gift from Buyung, Buyung is challenged to a fight. Buyung, known as a gentleman shows his true color, true to his Minang blood!

The story obviously ends on a happy note. The musical ends with the merisek and Buyung finally marries Siti Nurhalisa

and they lived happily ever after


Anonymous said...

Ally Nor and Mastura from Pahang, orang Rawa ( sub species kot), big Rawa communities in Termeloh, Hok dok jual restoren tempat bas mara berenti di termerloh tu ramai orang dia lah.

Kalau tak silap bekas Mursyidul Am PAS arwah Yussof Rawa and now anak dia Mujahid is another famous Rawa.


oops did I just say that? said...

like the ending picture!!

ARZ said...

Good to hear from you again after a long silence. I must commend you on your knowledge of history. I recalled the info you gave me of the Kelantanese community somewhere enroute to Jerantut during my ride to Taman Negara.

The only Rawa I know is the late Yusof Rawa, and as you probably rightly pointed it, Ally Nor and Mastura could have Minang blood as their renditions of the Minang lingo sounds pure, at least to this Kelantan ear of mine.
Thanks for sharing.

ARZ said...


Of course meh..

Al-Manar said...

Welcom back. So the long 'wintering' of yours has given you a new horizon, skill in theatre review, historial perspectives and all. The word Minang is all too familiar but my knowlwdge is no where compared to yours. If at all I may know a bit more of Rawa. My other half is half Rawa. I have heard them enjoying conversing in Rawa leaving me askance. I do that in return whenever I have a chance to show off the strong Terengganu 'special', the ong, ing, ang, ung, the lot.

ARZ said...

Pak Chik,
Ha..ha..So Mak Chik has Rawa blood too. I guessed by now, your "ang, ing, ung, ong" is already sweet music to her.
I recalled when both my mother and mother-in-law lived with us, it was like ayam dok bercakap dengan itek! It was fun and my kids then have both grandmas to pamper them!

Pak Tuo said...

I was there Bang.Surprise isteri Pak Mentri Rais Yatim boleh menyanyi lagu minang.

June Malik said...

agree with mimi, the last pic is the best of all lah, kalah yang lain even the cerita !!

ARZ said...

Pak Tuo,

I went for the afternoon show on Saturday. There was no Mrs Rais Yatim singing!

Mungkin sebelah malam kut..anyway, thanks for dropping in.

ARZ said...


Of course la...shekali shekali kena syok sendiri mah...