Monday, July 12, 2010


It's normal when one talks about friendship and bonding, one will say "brotherhood". Being a man myself, I beg to differ this time around. How else can you classify it if you have 6 sisters bullying one brother on our 1st SIBLING GET-TOGETHER trip. So, "sisterhood" it will be.

No thanks to one younger brother who could not make the trip, I was the only rose amongst the thorns who made the trip to Bandung for this memorable get-away. Get-away here literally mean just that --- get-away from husbands and in my case, from my wife. Huh?

These are my sisters, 2 elder ones and 4 younger ones. Donned in the red and blue uniform, people at the KLIA thought we were from a company going on a company-sponsored trip. Indeed we were, a company of a brother and sisters!

My immediate elder sister Kamariah @ Ibu G was the prime mover of this project. With her extensive contacts in Jakarta and Bandung, we had Ibu G's friends waiting for us on arrival at Jakarta airport, feast us for dinner and put us in a 8 seater van to Bandung. Terima kasih Bapak Freddy dan Ibu Irma

In Bandung, we were housed in a nice bungalow, courtesy of Bapak Joesril and Ibu Yulia. Every morning over breakfast, we reminisced the carefree childhood days of yesteryears. We drew hilarous laughters. We hope we did not wake up the residents of this peaceful neighborhood. We were one, the family of our late Hj Zakaria and Hajjah Halimah.

In Bandung, what will the ladies do? They left me to fend for myself while they put holes in their pockets. I prefered the independence or else I would be bullied again to carry the loads of spoils that they spent hours and hours buying.

With my trusty Nikon and Sony Videocam, I was capturing moments in the street. One that caught my attention was a young man, earning an honest living with his monkey.

When it was time to return home, we were many kgs heavier.

I was earlier worried that the 8-seater may not be able to take the load and we would have excess baggages. None of these were a cause for worry.

Back in KLIA, we were already for next year's trip. For now, it remains a secret!

Thank you sisters for such a memorable trip - one that money cannot buy. Thanks husbands and wife for letting us go. If you so desire, you husbands are most welcomed to organise your own in-law trips...heh...heh..


June Malik said...

siap ada uniform lagi haha coolness :) bet it was fun, laughter and tears of joys kan ..

ARZ said...

Indeed June, very memorable one. It's great fun to have this kind of brother-sister get-together, apart from family reunions like your clan just had, which I bet was also memorable.

Al-Manar said...

This deserves to be in a Book of Records of some sort - the magnificent SEVEN. It will be remembered, told and retold in your family. My congratulations to all of you for having achieved something original and worth the while.

Pearls and Gem said...

I envy you Li!
Did not know you have that many sisters!

ARZ said...

Akum Pak Chik,

Indeed the Magnificent Seven, and of-course I was the Yul Brynner, literally speaking.

FYI, the Magnificent 6 (cyclists) that visited Al-Manar had just returned from another trip to Jojakarta, exploring the highlands of Mount Merapi.

ARZ said...

Hi Doc,

Guessed you thot I only had one sister, one who is also your patient.

Well, I'm sure you too can organise one for your siblings.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending U a class photo 1967 Primary english School Tumpat, Your sis my class teacher


ARZ said...

Thanks once again for the pics TJ. If you do come across any other, do email me.