Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I did not forget. I relied too much on my PDA to alert me. It was there, glaring at me yesterday. Then I charged the PDA, the alert was not discharged, but it was momentarily out of my sight. Perhaps I need a new PDA (hint...hint), something that begins with a letter "i"

No matter how old you are now, and how old you will be, no matter who you will be, no matter what you will be, no matter what, you will REMAIN MY BABY.

We always make a great pair!

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June Malik said...

hahah this gambar is so classic :) I guess there will always be one baby in any family for always!! wah, u r now an apple fan .. imac and now i .. i am thinking of getting the i thingie too since imac still way beyond budget hehe