Thursday, September 30, 2010


Pulau Suri is quite serene, something one could expect from a kampong with very limited development. There is a feeling of quietness and silence. The only motorised vehicles are the motorcycles and they are few in number. Occasionally one will hear the sound of the motorboat engines from a distance. You really feel you are in a kampong.

The roads, more accurately, the paths meanders through the villages. At several stretches, the paths are wide concrete which makes cycling easier. At several older stretches, potholes can be expected.

Surprisingly there are several changes in vegetation too, making the ride quite pleasant. We came across narrow paths, both sides flanked with overgrown bushes.

We also rode through a "keladi" route

And there were bridges to cross, some were in good condition

and one require acrobatic skill which neither of us possessed. This one below actually led to a abandoned settlement, hence it was just rotting away.

Overall it was a cool and breezy ride. We could feel the cool breeze on our faces as we stopped for some pose and pictures.

At most places, tall coconut trees provided us shade. These same coconut trees provide sustenance for the villagers.

We were hoping to observe monkeys plucking coconuts, but there wasn't any. I would be recommending this as an attraction for tourists.

We cycled to our first destination, Kg Pantai Bharu which is relatively a new settlement and sparsely populated. From Kak Moh's house, it was roughly 3 kms. We timed our ride very slowly to return for lunch at Kak Moh's house.

While we were exploring, Kak Moh was checking with another homestay nearby. Upon our return, she informed us that we were booked with another homestay roughly 50 metres away. We thanked the couple for the free drinks, picked our bags and headed for the homestay, looking forward for lunch.


June Malik said...

cantiklah the keladi route and surrounding areas !

ARZ said...

Yes, pretty simple ride and some pretty sites. For sure you will not be sunburned if you do your runs here. Cuma...cuma...kena running in kain sarung kut...

Al-Manar said...

It would help us appreciate more if a simple sketch is made to show the shape of the island and the routes taken. For us the views are typical of our place and we feel quite at home with what you have to write. But seeing the pictures and reading what you describe make us realise how we take for granted the beauty of world we live in.

ARZ said...

Pak Cik,

At times, we all do take things for granted. In this instance, I am a culprit too - expecting readers to know the location's whereabout.
Thanks for reminding. Will try googlemap the site

June Malik said...

pakai seluar geloboh panjang boleh kut? hehe