Saturday, January 27, 2007


Waiters' Race 2007, jointly held with Florathon 2007 was no waiting game. It was a race. Waiters and waitresses from hotels around the city compete on a 3km circuit, carrying a glass of concoction and a Nescafe can. Winners were judged both by time and amount of left-overs.

I had positioned myself at a vantage point and parked my bike. No one bothered to take even a glimpse of my horse...sigh.... They were glued to the Waiters' Race, some waiting for the baton (or rather the tray) to be passed to them to continue the race.

Anyway I do notice one who did a self-potrait.

Used to "waiting" in aircond comforts and covering short distances within the confines of a coffee house, bar or restaurants, I was thrilled by the sportsmanship and I must add sportwomanship of the participants.

Nevermind the difficulty of walking in a Malay dress for 3kms. "I'll lift it up a little. I'm sure spectators don't mind!" Do you?

And how does one walks on a stiletto? I offered her to pillion-ride on my bike, but that's cheating! And I'll land in hot soup...compliment of the Master Chef at home!

And there was a Sarawak waitress heavy with beads, ornaments and head gear. She carried an eco-friendly drink, judging by the color.

And there was a couple from a Bollywood restaurant. Everything matched, down to the concoction the lady carried on her tray.

" careful. We are still in the running and there is no need to rush."

Woo...steady..steady...don't spill

"Oh no, the tray is leaking"

Be like me. Slow and steady wins this race

And the winner is........................


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Did I just say that? said...

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anyway..who won the race??