Thursday, March 27, 2008


Someone is coming home for holidays. There's happiness in the air. There are things a-plenty to do - friends to meet, stories to catch up, gossips (forbids), foods to be spoilt to, Euros to spend (Do I Need It?), Laps to tackle in the pool to burn the extra extra calory intakes, fly back to Kota Baru to meet grandma, etc, etc, etc. Whoa...2 weeks will be too short with the To Do List mounting up.
So, when is my Mimi coming back ah?
I'm so sad and missing my dear Mimi
I'm waiting...and I'll wait by my favorite spot at the balcony for my Mimi


nadya said...

my salam to your daughter :)

ARZ said...

Nadya, will tell her. Er..I guess she'll know, once she read this blog dedicated to her

Anonymous said...

"Will I get a whole length of Pagar Besi keropok lekor to myself ?" I wonder.