Sunday, May 25, 2008


The month of MAY will be a very meaningful cycling month. During the early part of May, I played host to 4 cycling enthusiasts from DUBIC Adventure from Sumatra. They were on a short cycling trip to explore Kuala Lumpur suburbs and I brought them to Putrajaya and also explore part of the old Gombak road.
And I had just come back from a short cycling trip in Chiengmai from 15th - 21st May. Story to follow.

It is also this month that two golfing buddies chose to take up cycling. One was motivated to shed kilograms to be healthier for his goal to be single (I mean in golf). He is Mahmood and I am amazed at his commitment and enthusiasm. He hails from the land of keropok lekor and therefore his "ang" sound is very loud!

As he said: "Lo ni, makang pun doh kughang. Rokok pung doh tok isap sebatang. Teh taghek sudah dilarang. Dalang duo minggu, doh hilang 4 kilograng! Anok kawe yang bernama Hassang, Pun dah terror nok kejar pun dah dok dang!"



Living in Bukit Jelutong, considered a cycling haven with its wide open space and friendly neighborhood, his enthusiasm was infectious. Apart from his son, his wife Nona has also taken up cycling. Congratulation Mood and family. His recruit has grown to include his neighbors, including one Tan Sri. So, it was on this usual Saturday that we got together to cycle around.

At the same, I was very happy when another golfing buddy, Wan Yahya also decided to take up cycling. He had his wife's support and they bought 2 bikes and was soon equpping their car with the bike racks to take them around with their bikes.


On Day 1 of having the bike, Wan didn't waste any time and started to ride. Like duck to water, the couple is now enjoying the benefits of cycling. I had these interesting sms's from Wan:

"Ari ni cycle dgn bini. Tak lah rasa sunyi
Tak jauh sangat, jadi rasa bangat
Kejap laju kejap slow, tak mace bila solo
Lalu rumah saing stop hile penat
Langkah kane, dia offer teh hangat
Bini suka tak terkira, esok nok lagi abe
Kita pun suka lah sebab ada ce!"
"Today Romeo & Juliet went on a ride again,
Yesterday 7km today 8km, a gain
The morning breeze help eased the intermittent pain
Uphill downhill then uphill again
The pleasure just found Romeo hopes he can sustain
Life is after all full of pain, gain, fame, sane, shame
And all else we frame"
I'm also glad I managed to dust-off my wife's Specialized bike and took it out from the store. Wifey also decided to join the other ladies to cycle around Bkt Jelutong. She had son Rafeq to escort her part of the way.

Mahmood's house has a great outdoor area at the rear. Where neighbors socialize, it was also where we gathered after the ride. We had healthy biscuits, grapes and coffee, compliment of Nona, the generous host. Terima kasih daun keladi la. Guess next ride it will be pot luck!

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