Friday, May 1, 2009


I have been asked this question by well meaning friends who had noticed my silence. One answer I gave was, "I have not been anywhere" and that explains my silence. Nothing to blog about.

Another well meaning elder e-mailed to enquire whether I am okay. In his words, it is so not like me to be keeping quiet. He had even suggested me to write in "small plates" on my travels, provide more details like places to stay, the hotel rates, the distance I travelled daily, etc. Great suggestion of course, one which I will surely set a goal to do.

Today, I'm off to Jakarta for the weekend. While Malaysians and the rest of the world celebrate Labor Day today, I plan to take it easy for a few days in bustling Jakarta. It will be minus my bicycle. It is a family trip, wife and one son (I have 2 sons you know plus 2 daughters too), my eldest sister and her hubby, and a nephew and his wife plus mother-in-law.

I plan to discover Jakarta on foot. More realistically, I plan to discover a small part of Jakarta. As usual, I will travel light and my trusty digital will be ready to capture scenes to upload and re-activate my long overdue blogging activities.

On my cycling front, I have a few options in the pipeline, at least two more touring trips for 2009. One is to do Solo - Semarang - Magelan - Jogjakarta. This will be a revisit of sort. Another is to do Mount Bromo in Surabaya or perhaps a Surabaya - Bali route. I am also eyeing Thailand, cycling to visit a friend who now lives in Hua Hin, just South of Bangkok.


AMJ said...

Baru hari Khamis make semejo dah ke Jakarta tak ghorak. Kawe gi bule Jun, gi main golf, oghe tino gi jugok tapi gi shopping n sightseeing la. Mu rekomen la tempat molek.

ARZ said...

Greetings from Jakarta. Don't worry about your ladies. They can sniff the shopping complexes for miles ahead. You just go and enjoy your golfing Pak Murad

oops did I just say that? said...

aboh.bile abah nak balik niiiii