Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Two years ago, I scanned the picture below from The STAR and shared with participants in my Leadership training program when I talk on the subject of HUMAN POTENTIAL.
I came across another article recently in the same paper, same man, different dream, different goal. Need I say more?
I dream one day in the future, to meet this great man - JUNAIDI PAUZAN


nadya.s said...

wow! cayalah!

if u meet him.. my salam to him willya?

ARZ said...


Will do. Gotta go to Kuching maa

Panahsakti said...

Check out the Malaysia Paralimpic Games. I used to coach for the KL archery team. Meet with a lot of disabled people and listen to their life story.

ARZ said...


Wouldn't it be nice to compile stories of these great athletes? I am sure you must have been touched by their struggles & determination.

We, full bodied men and women can certainly learn a lot from them.

Thanx for dropping in