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28th Jun 2007 : Batu Rakit to Dungun

We had no intention of troubling Pak Chik Hassan for breakfast. We could just say our goodbyes and rode off and have breakfast on the road. But, Pak Chik was already in the kitchen deep-frying the keropok lekor. The jar filled with hot water for the 3-in-1 Nescafe, tea and coffee was also ready. We could not refused such hospitality.

We finished off two plates of lekor rather quickly. Good host, good cook (or at least a good "frier"). Thank you again.

As we rolled out the bikes from the garage, Fendi had another mishap. He had a flat on his rear tyre. Yesterday, he was punctured from the runs. Today his bike punctured! What luck. All these in his maiden tour. But that did not deter Fendi. Again, well done my friend.

Flat fixed, we had a parting shot at the gate of Al-Manar with the good host. We bade farewell and resumed our second day ride to Besut, leaving behind Pak Chik to continue his good deeds at Al-Manar.

Kg Penarik was our first destination stop. I had travelled this route several times and I have always been "tertarik" with Penarik - beautiful white sandy beach, blue waters, gentle breeze and swaying coconut trees.

Our first R&R was under this shady tree to top up our drinks. This location is a popular stop for all travellers. A few food stalls and a mini market serve the travellers.

We could have had our lunch here but Razak had already arranged it in Kg Gong Batu. While cooling off here, a purple coloured bus stopped and ladies in purple literally poured out of the bus. I was able to catch only the tail-end of the purple ladies alighting, otherwise it would have been a better shot. All the ladies were wearing the bus corporate color - purple.

Kg Penarik had a long coast line and a beach front with very little dwellings. So, a bungalow of this stature, facing the South China Sea would immediately catch everyone's attention. A getaway home, a retreat, whatever you called it, it would still be a dream home for everyone.

Since the gate was opened, we stole a quick shot. It's a memory we wanted to bring home to city dwellers.

Next destination, Kg Gong Batu. Razak said he had arranged lunch there, confidently telling us it was 5 kms away. We passed the 5km mark and no sign of a lunch stop. We continued on..and on...wondering and "hungering". My dear Razak, a hungry man is an angry man.

Rain was already threatening. Razak and Jalil was out of sight in front. Sham was ahead of me with Zaba and Fendi tailing me. Suddenly the sky opened up without warning. Sham immediately "konar baring" left. I followed suit. Zaba and Fendi "konar baring" right. They seeked shelter in an empty house. Sham and I seeked shelter in a warong. We did the right "konar baring"!

Since lunch was no where in sight, Sham and I coined a new song "cendol in the rain". But our hearts wept for Zaba and Fendi stranded in the empty house across the road. They saw our joy. Zaba braved the rain and crossed over. Crossing over certainly has its benefits, political or otherwise!

Zaba the cross-over tourer

Cendol anyway can't replace the lunch. After the rain subsided, we cycled on towards our elusive lunch destination.When we finally arrived at the designated warong, were we angry with Razak? NOOOO! Instantly we loved Razak. Instantly we forgave him for his poor kilometre calculation. Second day motto "ride to eat" was about to be honored again.

Laid on the table were four large size Ikan Kerapu, deep fried and sweet-soured. 2 large bowls of tomyam soup, prawns and veges. So, one bare chested and 5 fully clothed cyclists immediately went to work to wipe clean the dishes. And there were no left-overs.

Our Razak seemed to have friends everywhere too, just like Sham. No wonder, they are a great pair. A few teh tareks later, we were ready to move. We left Al-Manar with heavy hearts. We left this warong with heavy stomachs.


oops did I just say that? said...

very nice picture with the brooks limelighting the background..

ARZ said...

Yeah Mimi. On this trip, all the cyclists except one were riding on the Brooks. They now swear by it.

Mi tak terliur ke tengok the food? U can't get them in Dublin you know

abot said...

great rides...great stories...and great pics...

ARZ said...

Hi Abot,

Thanks. You a cyclist too? If you are and lives in PJ/Shah Alam, come and join our regular weekend rides in Bkt Jelutong.

If you are not a cyclist, be one!

abot said...

i am a cyclist...

BTW..not many non cyclist appreciate such adventures

I am nearby..only USJ ! Just gimme the schedule of the next ride..

SMS prefer :

zero 19 - six 343163

ARZ said...


Marvellous. The BJCC rides every weekend, both Sats and Suns. I'll sms you.