Saturday, July 4, 2009


Rain was threatening when we got ready to leave the warong. It's a wonder that for some, inspite of the heavy stomach, the mind was still creative. Take Sham for example. He believed in travelling light on the tour. Hence he purchased the lightest bike, the cute 20inch wheel foldable Dahon bike. He also carried no raincoat. But as a Mr. Gadget, he patented a rain coat. The warong was poorer by 1 garbage bag!


The warong was poorer by 3 garbage bags. Zaba followed suit and patented a new pannier cover for the rain. Looked like the group was scraping the barrel on this maiden cheap tour. Ha...ha...

At the lunch stop, we had covered 67kms and would have another 30 kms to Besut. The dark clouds cleared and as the sun once again bore on us, our rain-coat man quickly discarded his invention. He would otherwise be in a mobile sauna.

Next stop was Merang. I captured the Magnificent 5 of BJCC as they cycled towards the beach, itching for another stop.

Stop we did yet again. Drinks and some local puluts for tea was in order. That's the beauty of cycling. You easily burned the calories you put in.

Merang is the take-off point for holiday-makers to some of the beautiful islands of Trengganu. During my diving days, I had used the jetty to go diving in Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang.
Many passengers boats were moored here.

One caught my eye - SHAMIMI 1. During this trip, my youngest daughter had been on the phone with me. She was down with some ailments. Far away from home in Dublin, her dad was her "counsel". I am glad she is bubbling back on her feet. This boat is for you mean the pic is for you!

Today being a Saturday, there were hives of activities too. Passengers were arriving and leaving.

Sham and Zaba were also hunting for souvenirs to bring home - the gift to the loved ones for visa approvals for future tours.

Thereafter, we proceeded on the journey to Besut, to our second day accomodation at Demong Resort.
Another 94kms of riding, we were ready for a relaxed evening.

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