Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Another number was etched to my age yesterday. My youngest daughter Shamimi penned her childhood on the occasion. Thanks for the memories.
May you have more fond memories, baby


Anonymous said...


Happy belated birthday lah! Semoga panjang umur dan di murahkan rezeki and may the days ahead be filled with joy, happiness and lots of laughter.

Stay cool bro.

HJY said...

Bro ARZ,

You certainly don't look 59 with the bike helmet and dark glasses on. May you be blessed with good health for years to come.

oops did I just say that? said...

please remove the picture.
your daughter

cakapaje said...


Bang, Happy 59! Semoga masih kuat dan bertenaga!

And thanks, RB finally dropped over to my picture blog :)

Al-Manar said...


Allow me to repeat what I have said ealier.

Happy bitrhday.

When I was leaving my 59th I was kind of sad that so much time had been lost. I had just started Almanar. When I was leaving my 69th I was equally sad that more years had passed by, but this time I was grateful that something worthwhile had been started and some success had begun to show. Now I just look forwards.

I pray that many good things will be on your way.

Pak Cik

AMJ said...

Bro, what a coincidence I was 59 too. We sat at the same table,I didn't wish u and u didn't wish me ...very fair. now I wish u (and me too) happy bday!

ARZ said...

Bro RB,
Gracias for the well wishes. Next year I will be in the Pop Yeh Yeh group (60an)

ARZ said...

Yeah U are right. In my helmet and sunglasses, other cyclists will call me "abang". Bila buka helmet, "oh maaf...Pak Chik".
TQ for the wishes

ARZ said...

TQ Shah. So Razak had contacted you. Are you a cyclist? Join our group. If you are not yet, be one.

ARZ said...

Pak Chik,
At 59 you started what most would not have thought of, let alone do, single-handedly!
I'm blessed to know you

ARZ said...

At 59, you are winning and beating younger opponents.
And as we aged together, happy belated birthday bro!

aofuad said...

Happy Birthday.
Definitely will try my best to join in your long ride on your 60th Birthday nexy year.
OP Azudin

ARZ said...

OP Azudin,
What will you be next year? 30????

nadya.s said...

happy belated birthday, pak ramli!