Thursday, July 16, 2009



True to his National Geographic bandana he wore, he knew the nooks and corners of the East Coast. Even had a stake in a fresh-fish breeding project. His motto is "Ride to Eat". Rides a 26" Dahon foldable bike similar to Zaba's.


Our Mr Gadget. I was fascinated with his USB-driven external speaker hanged on the handle bar. Connected to his PDA, he had a medley of Hindi songs, old P Ramli songs and some hip-hops. Rides the Dahon 20" foldable bike.


The Rambo of BJCC. Before taking up cycling, he was a gym guy. He used to pump irons. Now he pumps tyres. Rides a Dahon 26" foldable bike.


The only non-Brooks guy in the team and now a full-fledged Brooks rider. Rides his Merida Hybrid, his first bike before upgrading to a racer. Slim and trim, the envy of other BJCC tourers.


The most "hardworking" tourer. He had 1 puncture and 2 slow-leaks and 18 visits to the toilet. Rides a full-fledged Bianchi tourer.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful write up of our maiden trip to the East Coast. The only thing missing is your close up photo.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

How come, of all the faces up there, only Razak's face seem to be grimacing in pain? :)

ps You can quote me to him :)

Anonymous said...

As usual your writings are wonderful and as tasteful as the meals we had along the way. Hopefully we, especially me did not make a mess of your reputation as a season cycling tourer. Those following this blog might have mistaken it now for blogs like "eating tales" or "when more food is better".
Now we look forward to more of your tales in the upcoming Padang trip. Wish we there with you, eat some "ayam den lape" for us ok.
Enjoy and ride safe.

ARZ said...

Hello Mr Anonymous,

Because you are anonymous, I chose not to feature myself. Tit for tat bro

ARZ said...


I'm sure bro Razak will respond to you directly. The serious look was a camouflage of a fun guy

ARZ said...


You guys gave new meaning to group tours. Never ate so much in my solo tours. But Padang will be different - Nasi Padang, always my favorite! I makan for you bro.

Al-Manar said...

The five faces in this posting are so familiar to me. Of course it was just a fortnight ago when we were together, even just for an evening. The gift you left for Almanar is not at all necessary, but that being for a good course, I just could not refuse. Thanks to everyone. For that I have to record it in my latest entry.

I look forwards to seeing all of you again, together or singly.

Salaam to you all.
Pak Cik

ARZ said...

Pak Chik,

Insyallah, akan bertemu lagi. Trengganu is always a great place to cycle, and the Trengganu lads are making international waves in cycling.

And of-course, there's NURI to stop by and nursed the tired body.