Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It all started in May 2008. I converted one gentleman from Bukit Jelutong into cycling. He wanted to shed kilograms from his physique. He discovered his new self. He was enthralled. He spread his newfound love to his neighbors, and it spreads like fire. He is now the President. He is MAHMUD ABAS. BJCC is the club - Bukit Jelutong Cycling Club. The membership have grown, the enthusiasm from its members spread exceeding original expectation.

Weekend rides used to be just making the loop of the Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE) covering a distance of 40kms. It was a feat at the beginning. Of late, the GCE rides of 40kms are only warm-up rides. BJCC started venturing to Kuala Selangor. They have done Morib. They have reached Port Dickson.

On a typical weekend in Bkt Jelutong, we would have a great number of cyclists burning their calories on the GCE.

Four of them recently joined PCC on their 2009 Annual Inter-state Ride. Featured here are the 4. The red jersey is Afendi Goh who took cycling like duck to water. Zaba in black and white, also now a "duck to water" kid upgraded himself to a Pinarello within a short span of taking up cycling. Such are these 2 BJ residents' enthusiasm. Sham, a veteran cyclist (not a veteran in age) and Razak Bakar on extreme right had been responsible for the rapid "high" of cycling amongst the BJCC group. Both of them are now on Brooks saddles, a symbol of their veteran status!

This is Zaba's Pinarello I was referring to. Its worth equates my yellow Kelisa. With that investment, I wonder whether Zaba will now delegate his golf bag permanently in the store!

On this 2009 inter-state, Sham was reported to have puncture problems which cut short his day 1 ride to Gemas. The punctures must have taken a toll even to his cycling attire, turning them black from the yellow featured in the first picture. I wonder.

Minus Sham attending to his punctures, Zaba, Afendi and Razak are seen here enjoying their carbo-loading in the company of a lady cyclist.

The 2009 Inter State ride will only be the beginning for the BJCC. 2009 is only half-way through with another 6 months to wrap up for other rides.

Welcome to the wonderful world of cycling.

Well done BJCC. Well done, Mahmud Abas the President

(All pics downloaded from BJCC group e-mails)


Al-Manar said...

I stopped visiting your blog as there was nothing new. An e-mail brought no result. "That man has a one-track mind - not going along his track, he stopped writing," I said to myself.

Welcome back and have a good family holiday. Treat yourself to Idris Sardi's.

ARZ said...

Ha..ha Pak Chik,

Tq for being the prompter. Often one needs a jolt to be back on track. And I'm glad to be back, on track.

Indeed, bisikan biola Idris Sardi