Monday, February 12, 2007


Sunday 11th Feb.

Finally, the sun was out. The sky was blue, though cloudless. And it's a Sunday. And Mimi has no classes, but exam is looming in 2 months time. Oh, let's not spoil the mood.

St Stephens Green Public Park is a 5 minutes walk from the apartment. A few days earlier, it would have been a 5 mins there and an immediate 5 mins walk back. Today, the weather was inviting and excellent. We would stay longer and breathe the fresh morning air, a respite.

Dubliners were there too. It's still chilly and we still had our layers of clothings, but we enjoyed the walk and recording the visit on my digital.

So, it's KUSH KUSH HOTA HEI ........

And not so KUSH KUSH

Outside the park, we heard drums beating. It was a mini carnival time, in 5 degree F weather. Reminds me of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. These dancers must have layers of hidden fats.

And there was free ice-creams and Mimi just can't refuse the invitation

and I can't resist snapping these cute twins

All in a refreshing 30 mins walk in the Park. I pray for more bright and sunny weather


kawanmimi said...

mimi looks so manja with her ibu..
[now i miss my mak more n more]

sya.. said...

wow..nice outing there...i'll be back in awhile to join..bleh ke nyibuk?hehe...

p/s:mimi look gud in that green jacket....i wonder=P