Thursday, February 8, 2007


Back home, we take our weather for granted, well almost. When you are out in the sun and feeling hot, you look for shade, you open the windows, switched on the fan or the air-cond. You can also remove your clothes. Solved.

But what do you do when you are trembling cold and the thermostat reads even - 0 degree F. You on the small heater, and you worry about the heating bill. You put on more clothes, you are still cold. Everywhere is icy. The water, the uncarpeted floor, the bathroom, the bedroom, the blanket - cold. It's like living in a freezer, except bigger but still no where to escape.

But, ah the bliss. Head to the huge shopping complex. It's warm enough to remove your muffler and your head cover and your gloves. Buy a drink and french fries at the fast food. Savor your diet ever so slowly, take advantage of the warmth of the central heating.

Read an article on affordable homes in Dublin. My jaw almost dropped - 300,000 Euro! I recounted the zeroes. No mistake. How much does an average Dubliner earn in a year?

Insyallah, Mimi will also find a job here after completing her Accounting degree. She'll stay on here for a couple more years, to get her professional degree. Then she will return, to warm sunny Malaysia and to affordable home.

P/s. Our last drop of budu finishes today!

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