Wednesday, February 21, 2007


My original plan to get out of Dublin for a few days didn't materialise for a two "C" factors - Cold & Cost. Due to the COLD factor, the COST becomes Tak Berbaloi. I will be indoor too much. The mem too felt the same way...phew! There's always summer next year.

Mem has a new companion, my son, who has just arrived. They do share the same passion, the walkbouts at those places I don't quite like to frequent. So, off they go on Sunday to spend, hopefully their time, more than the credit cards. Anyway, they are responsible spenders.

I was therefore liberated to do some jalan-jalan. I revisited the Stephen Greens Park. I'm beginning to love Parks, luckily at this stage in life and not during my teenage years. The weather is warming up, and the hibernating flowers are beginning to bloom.

I noted a lone figure on a bench, sitting quietly and almost motionless. Her attire reminds me of the eskimos out in the colds of the Arctic. She appeared to have a lot in her mind, but it's not something I'm ready to explore.

This picture of the steps in the park caught my eyes. It's open to interpretations.

Out on the streets, it was a great day for outings too. The Dublin artists took the opportunity to display their work of arts. Plenty of admirers, but I hardly see any admiration converted to sales. I'm sure there were, otherwise there'll be no artists around here.

Of course, life is tough. We see this everywhere, on the streets...

...or up in the air

I ended the jalan-jalan with a difficult choice to cross the street, when the traffic light turned amber. I need to ask how the Irish did it horizontally

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Did I just say that? said...

with the help of an overall, u could be mistaken as the man up at the clock