Saturday, February 24, 2007


Saturday 25th Feb 07

Today is our last day in Dublin. Tomorrow we head for home. "We" represent the Mem, Aqim and yours truly. I look forward to be back to familiar territory, to the nasi lemaks and the nasi berianis and....all the spoils. I look forward to warmer weather, hopefully dry too. I need to shed off all the inactivities of the past 28 days in the cold. While I look forward to the spoils back home, I was also spoilt here. The cold somehow whets the appetite. Alhamdulillah, my taste bud has not decreased with advancing years. Somehow, I felt it's even on the contrary and the mem continues to call me Mr Rice Pot.

To add to the title, last night we just could not refuse an invitation to dinner. Try as we had, we just can't say "NO" to a young couple of Farid and Su. Both are doing their time in Dublin to gain valuable working experience before venturing back. And they had a little bundle of joy, and that's my date for the night - QIS. Mem too was enjoying QIS' company too, almost monopolising her.

By generation, Qis will be a grand-daughter. A very very cute one! The couple were passing remarks that perhaps it's high time we (Mem and I) have a "toy" to play too.

That's a strong signal to our eldest boy, but alas, he wasn't within hearing distance. He's back in Malaysia. Of course our second boy Aqim was there, but he had been very secretive. It will be too early for Mimi. She had to first finish her degree in May. Then it's ACCA. So, another 3 years minimum for Mimi in Dublin. The other daughter back home is busy with her career, but she'll have to find time too.

Baby Qis is 4 months old. Not a cry, nor any annoyance. She was enjoying every bit of the attention given, passed from person to person. Baby QIS also enjoys the company of 2 other equally loving aunties - Anna and Wahida. In other words, Baby QIS was spoilt for choice.

The food...ah the food. We spent so much time with Baby QIS we forgot the food on the table. Really??? No la. Got to do justice to the efforts put in by Su to cook. Doing justice was easy. The food was marvellous. So was dessert and teh tarek. I'm not actually a teh tarek fan. But I do enjoy this particular one. Farid, better watch yourself. You can eat but you must also burn. How about cycling to burn the excesses??? Not that you have any, but you might!

Quite engrossed with tucking in, I forgot to capture the moments of eating and capture the young couple with Baby QIS. Sorry for that. But you can always invite us again the next time we holiday here.

Terima kasih daun keladi Farid and Su, and Anna and Wahida. Bila balek Malaysia, jemputlah kerumah. Aunt will cook for you all in return.

Bye bye my date Baby QIS! Sampai jumpa lagi

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