Sunday, February 11, 2007



It's FUTSAL day. Nope, ain't for me. For Mimi, and her gang of newbies. Wife didn't sleep much the night earlier. Cooking for the Futsal ladies, to "tapau" to the event.

Sat morning didn't promise good weather. It was grey and cold, the norm. 4 layers of clothings on my body, glove, head cover, muffler and a haversack fill with plates and a blanket. We trudged on in the slight drizzle for the bus stop to take us to UCD. That's University College Dublin, a full campus University which Mimi always dreamt of. Reality though quashed the dream. "You want to be a professional accountant or a lecturing accountant?" The $ and the Euro signs flashed in her rounded eyes. So, it's off to DBS, a business school for business-minded accountants! Forget the campus life. Just go there for Futsal.

Alighting at UCD, I was in conversation with a medic student. A handsome young man, later found out that he hailed from Kelantan too. No wonder so handsome! His father, the late Dr Ramli Idris was someone I know, a senior from my alma mater. A very industrious Dr too. Medicine ran in the family. The eldest brother is a ENT specialist. Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Dr Ramli.

At the Futsal pitch, there was no where to hide from the biting cold. I was obliged to be the cameraman, and I need to remove my glove to operate my EOS. Instead of freezing the action shots of the game, my hand was frozen! Anyway, here are some shots.

I was "saved" from the biting cold by Suraya, a friend's daughter. She was there to send the husband Farid for the game. I gladly accepted her invitation to balek to her house, to the warmth and to a cute 4-month old Baby Qis. It was love at first sight, with Baby Qis. Immediately I envied Baby Qis' grandfather, Kamarudin.

Din actually is a childhood friend from Tumpat days. He had been instrumental in my decision to send Mimi to Dublin. Thanks a trillion Din.

Su cooked for us. And I obliged, with double helping. She promised us a proper lunch invite before we leave for home. Waiting........waiting......

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