Tuesday, February 6, 2007


It's true. When it's cold, everything freezes. Including the brain! I've arrived in cold Dublin for the last 5 days (since 2nd Feb 2007). Temp is almost a constant 5 degree C, add the chill factor from the winds and the mind freezes. My wife and I will be here for another 20 days, enduring this weather. Why? They say a picture paints a thousand words. And where was Dad?...sob...sob...

We came very prepared, food wise. The only thing my mem didn't pack for this trip was the kitchen itself! The box for food took up 60% of the allowed baggage. At KLIA, it was plastic wrap. When it arrived in Dublin, the box was gaping. The food supplies were restrained by the plastic wrap. Do I complain about the almost excess baggage? Only at home while packing. Over here, must quietly thanked the thoughful wife. Cold freezes the mind but opened up the stomach muscles. Funny.

On 3rd day of arrival (Sunday), Mimi invited her friends (14 of them) for a nasi kerabu feast. Yes, nasi kerabu in Dublin, with ulam and budu thrown in. Very ori and very full filling (aka fulfilling). You can see from the smiles from these Nasi Kerabu kids how satiated they were.

"Terima Kasih daun keladi Aunt Muna"

Thus far, I've only talked about food and weather. So, what else did we do for the 1st 5 days? Overcoming jetlags was one. Moving around a little bit from where we hibernated on Aungier Street was another.

First place of visit was Trinity College campus of University of Dublin. I arrived and was greeted by a look alike. I never realised I was already cast in stone during the medieval ages.

And I almost stepped on the campus lawn until I read the translation. Trinity College is an old establishment.

The campus is not as big as that of University of Malaya where my wife and I studied in the early 70s. But, it brings back fond memories of campus life. Back then, we didn't really got around to sit together on a bench, in the campus garden. Do that too often, we would have no degrees to show our irate parents! So, we just imagined how it could have been. Hmmm

We moved on. Next stop must be the street mall. It was Saturday and the Dubliners were out almost in full force. A street performer was doing his stuff. 90% of doing his stuff was not doing his stuff. He remained frozen until some kind soul tipped his pail and he moved with the rythm of music from his juke box. Indeed a great act.

Somehow today, I keep bumping into something that tells a story of my life. One notice suggested that I learn a new skill if I want to save money on grooming whatever that's left to be groomed. And that's bloody expensive for the little effort that the barber needed to put in!


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Im so JEALOUS looking at your photos!!! i wanna go there too!!

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